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  1. mitchell.scott

    Turbo diesel cool-down question

    Hello all, I am using a Jetta 2.0 TDI for a few weeks and had a question. The owner takes very, very good care of it, so I want to as well, but I didn't ask him this before he left for one of those southern continents. Should I let the car idle for a minute or two after I drive it as you would...
  2. mitchell.scott

    W124 E300 Diesel... should I?

    I have the opportunity to buy a very nice E300 Diesel for sale here in the Springs for $3,500. It has 218k miles, but records since new. It's been very well kept up, with all services done ahead of time. Two owners, in New Mexico and Arizona. The paint isn't in very good condition due to the...
  3. mitchell.scott

    Unveiled: 2012 Jaaaaag XF and XK refresh: Modern and British

    The Jaguar XF and XK have been refreshed for 2012. The XF has new front end fascia, revised rear end styling, new stereo options (as if the old Bowers and Wilkins wasn't eargasmic), and some new interior options as well as safety options. A few new hard buttons have been added to add easier...
  4. mitchell.scott

    The 2012 Impreza is here

    And it's butt-ugly. Is it an unspoken rule that the Impreza has to be ugly? It looks a bit MPV-ish in hatch form. OTOH, the new interior does look pretty decent, if a bit generic.
  5. mitchell.scott

    Yawn: My 1999 Honda Accord

    Since I've been a bit more active here lately, I've decided to post my car. It's a 1999 Honda Accord EX-V6 coupe. Pretty straightforward of a car, and a bit of a bore to drive. 3.0L V6 that made 200 hp when it was new, 4 speed automatic (weakest part of the whole car obviously), leather...
  6. mitchell.scott Site Redesign

    No thread for this yet? I guess everyone's eyes are still bleeding. Looks terrible IMHO, very cluttered and ugly. Thoughts? If there is another thread about this, mods please delete.