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  1. bahnstormer

    STAR WARS - Empire At War

    im addicted its a great game to play out all the battles and take over the galaxy
  2. bahnstormer

    snow pics

  3. bahnstormer


    is that the right acronym? british touring car championship vicki was presenting on speed tv and the other guy, last name with p, was racing! it was weird yet cool
  4. bahnstormer

    ong bak

    anyone see this movie? its a thai movie, quite good imho
  5. bahnstormer

    BMW 120d Racing Series

    AutoBlog: We know very little about this mystery BMW racecar?the company has released the photos without any information whatsoever about the car or where it will race. But what the heck, we can speculate, can't we? Launched in late 2004, the 1-series is a front engine, rear wheel drive...
  6. bahnstormer

    where to find SRT files aka soft subs

    spec for a movie i have called taxi its a french movie about a peugot taxi driver there were 3 movies all called taxi 1 2 3 and i need english or polish subs for 1 and 2 thanks
  7. bahnstormer

    haha viper driver = asshat

    Domel lost control of his car as he shifted from second to third gear after negotiating his turn, according to the court document. The rear of the vehicle shifted - prompting a product-liability lawsuit - and his car slid off the road, onto the shoulder and down a slope, where it hit a berm some...
  8. bahnstormer

    my new HID setup with pics

    before 5000K HID in the low beams which were DEPO euro ellipsoids/projectors 3000K HID in the fogs which were OEM north american spec projectors from hella all bulbs are h1 format with 35 watt HIDs long story short one of the 3000K bulbs is messed up so while i warranty that i bought some new...
  9. bahnstormer

    just bought my FIRST BIKE !!!!

    wohooo!!!! picking it up on monday
  10. bahnstormer

    do you use peer guardian? PeerGuardian 2 is Methlabs? premier IP blocker for Windows. With features like support for multiple lists, a list editor, automatic updates, and blocking all of IPv4 (TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc), PeerGuardian 2 is the safest and easiest way to...
  11. bahnstormer

    all germans!!! please read!!!!

    i'm going to hamburg germany this SAT and i need your help, i don't wanna double post so just check that basically i need a car =] a nice fast car =]
  12. bahnstormer

    ATTN GERMANS - i need your HELP!!!

    i'm going to hamburg germany this sat and i wanna rent a nice car and drive on teh autobahn...can you guys help me out? i checked and it seems u ahve to be 25 to rent a car i'm only 20 at the moment.. i wanna spend around 200euro for teh day.... according to i could get a 911...
  13. bahnstormer

    help my buy a dump truck

    just talking to my older friend who told me how in HS they fixed up an old dump truck and did odd jobs for ppl towing stuff around etc so i did a quick search hehehehheheh old dump trucks for sale!
  14. bahnstormer

    that crazy bahnstormer, at it again!

    2 big steps closer to boostin my m30 :D those gauges are mechanical and will be custom mounted w/out that fugly panel i scored them along with thier senders for 70 shipped on ebay! the watch is a breitling navitimer world with a metal band (i've got the leather one for winter) not sure who...
  15. bahnstormer

    carrera gt vs a wall oh well.... :cry:
  16. bahnstormer

    step by step through the nordschleife courtesy of bmw =]
  17. bahnstormer

    update on my car check it out guys lemme know if u like it :)
  18. bahnstormer

    requesting help from non USA citizens

    i have a 1991 bmw 535i and am looking for some mirrors for it.... if anyone in the uk or japan (those have been recomended to me) can check thier local newstands for mags that advertise car parts please let me know where i can start looking for parts... basically i want stubby mirrors like...
  19. bahnstormer

    ToCA Race Driver 2006

    i can't wait for this to be out!
  20. bahnstormer

    PS2 emulator?

    besides this one Sony Playstation 2 Emulator Pcsx2 0.7 (win32 version) (ready to use) (new) Pcsx2 0.7 (Linux version) (if your using this you don't need it ready to use) (new) which i haven't gotten to work, does anyone have a ps2 emulator?!?!?