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  1. oliB

    Any FON users on here?

    Hi! Does anybody on here have any experience with the FON WiFi community? I'm thinking about joining, because the possibility of having free WiFi in many places over the world sounds very interesting. You get a special WiFi router for cheap which enables you to share (and limit) your broadband...
  2. oliB

    Weird Network/Internet Issue

    Alright guys, I ran out of ideas and maybe you can help me out. Here's the deal: We have a Router in our basement and from there Ethernet cables go to every room. This worked fine for quite some time, over 1 year with this particular router alone. About two weeks ago we started having problems...
  3. oliB

    So I'm actually on a plane right now...

    ...34000 feet above Canada, on my way to LAX. This is just so cool. In the past you were completely isolated whilst on a plane and now, here I am surfing the web, chatting over ICQ etc. It could be a little faster to be honest, but at least the prices are pretty reasonable. You can book 1...
  4. oliB

    NAS HDD + USB-Hub?

    Hi guys! Thinking about getting a NAS HDD to use as a backup and print server. To be precise, I'm thinking about getting one of those Western Digital Netcenter ones, probably the 250 GB model. This is a general question though, as I'm not sure yet which one to get. Most of the NAS HDDs have 2...
  5. oliB

    Which Access Point to buy? EDIT:Question about setting it up

    Hi! I'm looking into WiFi, or Wireless LAN, Access Points. We already have a WiFi-capable router, but unfortunately it's sitting in our basement, because that's where all the network cables start. Because of this, there's only a very (!) weak signal on the 1st floor and no reception whatsoever...
  6. oliB

    Seriously contemplating going back to IE...

    Hi! I switched to firefox several months ago. Worked flawlessly then, but since a couple of weeks I'm having problems. Firefox frequently freezes and/or crashes. Sometimes it won't let me type into search fields etc. on websites but instead opens it's own "search bar" at the bottom of the...
  7. oliB

    Nort Korean anti US propaganda song/videoclip

    Today I found this on dumpalink: Pretty damn retarded. Not sure if this is for real, but I think it is.
  8. oliB

    DVD/CD-Writer issues

    Hey! There's something wrong with my DVD/CD-writer, maybe you guys can help me figure out what it is. I've already wasted 4 CDS trying to burn a regular Data CD (BMI and JC - Heaven and Hell). Here's what happens: I insert the CD-R, choose the files in Nero and start the writing process...
  9. oliB

    Article: 10 Greatest-ever Jeremy Clarkson moments

    I just found this, hopefully it's not a repost. (I searched and did not find a topic about this) Haha, I love it when he says outrageous stuff like that! :lol:
  10. oliB

    Controller stopped working because of Daemon Tools??

    Hi! Here's my problem: I've got a new laptop since a couple of weeks and now I'd like to play NFS Most Wanted on it, because the laptop is faster than my old desktop pc. This afternoon I tried if my controller will work with the laptop and it did. It looks like a PS2 controller, my dad bought...
  11. oliB

    Le Parkour/Yamakasi/Streetclimbing - amazing!

    Alright, I have seen videos like these before, but I think those are pretty cool. I just wanted to share them, in case simebody didn't know about this sport. What these guys do ist just amazing! They're insane of course but this stuff is very cool to watch...
  12. oliB

    Escape the blocks!

    I found this game on the net: It's fun, ATM I'm only reaching around 17 seconds though. There are people who last over 4 minutes. :shock:
  13. oliB

    Kevin Federline's Ferrari

    Alright, here it is: Looks good, window tint too dark maybe. But take a closer look at those calipers. That's just retarded, what a douche! :bangin: EDIT: Ok, because some people don't seem to realize that there are two links "hidden" in that sentence: source...
  14. oliB

    Widebody Lamborghini Gallardo

    Just found this Gallardo on 6speedonline. Some may not like it, say it's rice or something. I think it looks awesome though!! :woot: I couldn't find anything about the tuner, maybe you guys got more luck. It seems to be exhibited at the Essen Motor Show too. cya Oliver EDIT: Fixed a...
  15. oliB

    Jeremy Clarkson on the M5,,12529-1649122,00.html
  16. oliB

    Guy builds a functional 1/3 miniature of F312(+vid with JC)

    Hi! This is just amazing, this guy spent 15 years and 20,000 hours to build a fully funtcional 1/3 scale replica of a Ferrari 312PB. Everything works, indicators, gearbox, gauges, even the little flat 12 engine (fuel injected)! Pics: More detailed pics...
  17. oliB

    Usenet: good, affordable newsserver with unlimited download?

    Hi! Today I tried out Usenet using my ISP's server. Although I'm using the biggest ISP in Germany there are only shitty groups. Almost no binaries and the binaries it has are crappy. :x Also found a public server which had the good groups but unfortunately it was awfully slow. :( I don't...
  18. oliB

    Usenet: good, affordable newsserver with unlimited download?

    I drive next to these cars all the time.. love hearing them. I've never been in one though. They're definitely sweet cars, thought maybe a bit too expensive :(
  19. oliB

    Golf R32: just a couple of pics I took today *56k warning*

    Hi! After I cleaned the shit out of the R32 on sunday (did a pretty good job IMO 8) ) I thought maybe it would be a good idea to take some pics. I'm a photography noob though, hope you enjoy the pics anyways! :) I know, the shape of the gearlever is a bit odd... It's not an auto btw...
  20. oliB

    What kind of American English do you speak?

    Hi! I found this little test. It's kinda cool, so do it if you're bored. ;) "What kind of American English do you speak?" My results: What does Dixie mean? (I know Yankee and the rest is self-explanatory) cya Oliver