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  1. unbreakable

    2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe V8 please!!!
  2. unbreakable

    Please vote for my girlfriend featured on Top Gear Magazine!

    Hey guys, just wanted to ask a small favor. My girlfriend was featured in the local version of Top Gear magazine here in the Philippines in its november 2010 issue where they feature a so-called "Traffic Stopper". Now they have a poll where you can vote for your favorite Traffic Stopper from all...
  3. unbreakable

    The next big thing from Lexus isn't a car.

    It's a driving simulator. Actually, they don't want to call it a simulator. They call it a re-creation of reality.:cool: How cool is that? Source: SERIOUS WANT. RIGHT THERE.
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    Ultimate version of Forza 3 on deck

    Microsoft to counter Gran Turismo 5 release Microsoft is apparently in the process of working with Forza 3 developer Turn 10 studios to repackage Forza 3 for release. According to our sources, this new version of Forza 3 will be sold as Forza 3 Ultimate Collection. While Microsoft has yet to...
  5. unbreakable

    Tracks you'd love to see on FM3 DLC (hope Turn10 sees this!)

    Yeah so a discussion on track wishes began on the other thread so I thought it would be better to create a new thread for it. my wish list: 1. Monza (PLEASE) 2. Monaco 3. Valencia 4. Nurburgring F1 5. Singapore 6. Macao 7. Interlagos ...and basically all the other F1 tracks :p oh.. 8...
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    I don't have SBS = no TGA :( <-- help me aussies!

    Yeah, like my avatar states, I'm from Manila, but I'll be staying here in Sydney for quite a while and I can't seem to get SBS no matter what I do. I have an LCDTV, HD digital set top box, and I get the ff HD channels: OneHD 7HD 9HD ABCHD but... I dont have SBS!! Both in SD and HD...
  7. unbreakable

    Manila AutoSalon 08

    One of the biggest car shows here in Manila...although obviously not as huge as other international car shows. Anyway, I still wanted to share a "few" pics... enjoy ;) borrowed most of these pix to get as much coverage as possible. More to follow!
  8. unbreakable

    Windows 7 Ultimate M3 Pre-beta Build 6801 SCREENSHOTS :)

    I got my friend to preview to me the pre-beta build of Windows 7 ... here are some screenshots: All I can say is that it looks very promising. I'm impressed. Also uses less RAM than vista even in this early build. wallpaper: Installation new calculator search now takes up the entire...
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    Schumacher Officially begins testing F2007 at Barcelona

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    TeamFD (8thgen civic) September GT pics! (lots of it!!)

    Had a GT (get together) last weekend at Bonifacio High Street/Serendra, The Fort. 24 FDs in attendance! that's me, 3rd from the right my car (2nd from left) stealth!!
  11. unbreakable

    My new 07 Civic FD

    updated pics on page 2 and 3 :) LATEST pics and updates on last page From brand new until today: my car's simple transformation. As of October 31, 2009 Exterior Mugen kits 2.0S-L headlights 6000K LXSun HID D2S Amber park lights JDM tilted plate holder JDM Red H emblems front and rear Red...
  12. unbreakable

    2007 Manila International Auto Show

    It's only in its infancy, in fact its only its 3rd year so the show itself and the cars are simply put...quite plain.. but anyway, here goes :) guess who was present!!haha Emperor Motorsports MOTUL godzilla 1000hp Autoplus R34GTR others
  13. unbreakable

    JDM Honda & Mugen Civic Type R!

    A different take from the european market. Here goes. Its all in japanese so let the pictures do justice EDIT: Added a whole lot of new stuff and additional info on both cars! Honda CIVIC TYPE-R Notice its shoes.. Potenza RE070 more pictures here...
  14. unbreakable

    2006 Vietnam Motor Show

    I happened to be visiting Vietnam when i found out that there was a motorshow.. So there, this was back in october 06, but i wanted to share it to you anyway :) lots of pretty and fugly models at the show... check it out :mrgreen: Ford Booth MB
  15. unbreakable

    My 2000 Honda Accord!!!!

    these are the only pictures i have so far.. il post more tomorrow Honda Accord 2.3L VTEC Custom Weapon-R CAI HID 6000K FIAMM Nautilus Air horn Bilstein Adjustable Shocks Tanabe NF210 Springs Motul Performance fluids DBA slotted front rotors ICE: Pioneer 7450MP Lightning Audio Cables & Fuse...