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  1. EsPpY

    Well... never knew a Carrera GT and a [which american barge?] is so simiar...

    The wheelarch, engine cover slope, and door height. And before you guys say anything, I know the existence of Photoshop :| But surely the wheelarch is a bit too uncanny? ;)
  2. EsPpY

    Autoblog: Undisguised 2012 Porsche 911 caught in Germany

    A bit more rakish, but that's it. Still no difference. I'm looking forward to the Turbo variant as usual.
  3. EsPpY

    Help needed on eBay transaction guys !

    Would be great if anyone can shed some light on this: I bought a Nokia E51 housing from this fella, have paid by PayPal, but has not gotten any reply since. I know I have to wait 7 days before I report...
  4. EsPpY

    Now that's a problem I wouldn't mind having... Seriously, these kind of problems ? Sweeeeeeeeeet. :lol:
  5. EsPpY

    So epic IMO it needs its own thread. 1/15 examples.

    Yoohoo boys and girls, look what came in to our puny little island :lol: Credits to my local forums :D I sense awesomeness.
  6. EsPpY

    Where do I get UNIVERSAL speaker stands for my speakers ?

    Its for a pair of rear Altec Lansing 251 speaker satellites. Am planning to upgrade to Z5500 some time in the future, so it has to fit them too. The hook catch is something like this; are all speakers made to have the catch look like this or ? Best if on Amazon :D Thanks in advance :D
  7. EsPpY

    Autoblog: Ford Suisse rolls out special "Brawn GP-ish" edition Focus RS WRC Brawn GP BGP-001 much ? <_< Chosen from an online forum.. I can see why.
  8. EsPpY

    This season, it seems not only Button is going quickly...

    Team boss has a need for speed, too. And in his team's engine supplier marque. :lol: I wonder what three pointed star was he in. ;) Something from Affalterbach, hopefully.
  9. EsPpY

    Are you in favor of a breakaway F1 championship ?

    Four days to the result... I pose this question. As much as the topic goes, which of you fellas would like a true F1 championship without the meddling and politics and revenue rows where racing is the focus and not the boardroom battles ? I for one, am for it. Break away. Dorna can do what the...
  10. EsPpY

    Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 and Sam Hubinette... you should know whats coming....

    IRRESISTABLY, FAPTASTIC DRIFT. Done in Germany this time round, instead of Los Angeles streets. xCJOEZO1lGA He IS one lucky guy. ;) Oh and did I mention the noise ? The noise ?
  11. EsPpY

    720hp, twin-turbocharged V12 Tramontana R revealed Looks good to me, dare I say it, it looks better than that one Jeremy tested. sorry but at this moment I bloody forgot the name and model. LOL. :mrgreen:
  12. EsPpY

    Autoblog: [AWESOME] Your driveway is a racetrack.

    And you got to drive it hard to get to home quick, so you better ensure your car can handle those kerbs and got good grip. Else your neighbour is gonna beat you to it on the 0.32 miles drive home. HOLY FUCKING SHIT BELOW : :blink::blink::blink...
  13. EsPpY

    Autoblog: OMG WTF ?! Another grinning Mazda -_-

    It seems to be lacking its dentures in this shot. Dayem. No FUCKING way dude. This thing reminds me of Cars, that movie. They've gone and completely ruined the look IMO. Is Mazda gonna start with...
  14. EsPpY

    What happened to RBR's Formula Una ladies webpage ?

    Couldnt find it.. am I missing something here ? Its not just cars you know :cool: Weird. Any help would be appreciated. :P
  15. EsPpY

    ROFL Durex commercial

    t5sTBrs4fhQ PS. I suspect the orange one is gay :( And you know what, theres OUTTAKES TOO !! Just like Top Gear :lol: N75Wwv4OBkk JjHRNs4I5Hg ZwWXhEXZglY
  16. EsPpY

    Okay.... this is it. A new mouse choice.

    Going to get it in less than 24 hours time (provided I bloody get a conclusion). VS Here goes : Razer Deathadder, OR the Logitech MX518 ? My A4Tech X718 is due for a change soon, and FYI, I have a G7 just for the wireless fun of it. No two thumb buttons make it anal for me to do stuff...
  17. EsPpY

    Need help urgently, some simple PS

    I need help.... sorry I've no PS... need to just add in yellow color to fill the words and make the background transparent... Thanks.. Here they are:
  18. EsPpY

    New Year resolutions for F1...

    Courtesy of PlanetF1... pretty funny so I'd thought I'd share.. F1 Drivers Be nice on the radio in 2009. From now on, everyone will be able to hear you. Let's not have any more Juan-Pablo moments broadcast on the world TV feed; as in "F***ing Raikkonen!" (Though the plan to make all radio...
  19. EsPpY

    How companies logos look like in this credit crunch

    May be WOLS, but hey, its just to share. ;) Credits to my local forum HWZ. :D
  20. EsPpY

    If you were the driver.. you'd like...

    Your digital dash to be : A) Mounted on the car ? - OR - B) Goes along with the steering wheel ? Always been a point of interest to me. RedBull and McLaren are the only ones fielding cars with mounted dashes while the rest do with B. If it was me, I'll go for A. I dont...