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  1. EsPpY

    [20x03] July 14th, 2013

    Anyone has any idea where were those deserted towns and all? Wow that's really surreal..
  2. EsPpY

    Well... never knew a Carrera GT and a [which american barge?] is so simiar...

    The wheelarch, engine cover slope, and door height. And before you guys say anything, I know the existence of Photoshop :| But surely the wheelarch is a bit too uncanny? ;)
  3. EsPpY

    iPhone / iOS Thread

    You may like to check here: Saves you the guessing game :]
  4. EsPpY

    The F1 Technical Developments Thread

    Well at least you beautified the engine, I thought of a meat mincing machines immediately: Here's hoping they make mincemeat of the competition this and next year!
  5. EsPpY

    So my girlfriend needs a new car...

    You could use your picture on facebook to reinforce that suggestion *winks
  6. EsPpY

    Good F1 races in the rain?

    Ditto on those.
  7. EsPpY

    [02x06] August 28th, 2011

    Ruttledge forgot about the RS6 ? Fastest wagon.... in the universe ?! Gee.
  8. EsPpY


    Though Middle East takes the cake.... Article:
  9. EsPpY


    First contribution here. As you all know, the 1M is going to be pretty rare, with one year for production only. Still.. Nope, not a 135i with a bodykit or something... Vehicle No.: E4M Vehicle Type: P10 - Passenger Motor Car Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment Vehicle Scheme...
  10. EsPpY


    You know, hate to be pedantic, but it's very clearly a) NOT a hatch, and b) NOT a Civic. Watched too much Initial D? :lol:
  11. EsPpY

    Autoblog: Undisguised 2012 Porsche 911 caught in Germany

    Well, I want to see the wheels they introduce for that, and the bodykit. EDIT: On a side note, 918 aside, if I want a Porsche I will definitely get the current Cayenne Turbo. The thing's looks are finally sorted for me now.
  12. EsPpY

    Autoblog: Undisguised 2012 Porsche 911 caught in Germany

    A bit more rakish, but that's it. Still no difference. I'm looking forward to the Turbo variant as usual.
  13. EsPpY

    F1 Dream Team 2011 on Sportal

    I dropped to 4th and just waiting for something to happen... eroding my place away.
  14. EsPpY

    F1 Dream Team 2011 on Sportal

    I can only go further down - I'm 3rd with the guys in 1st, 2nd, and 4th, all having 2x RBR.
  15. EsPpY

    2011 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

    You sir, for the word "True", is subjective. However, "blind", is seriously apt for you. The more you talk about your favorite team can't win at a certain track, and that you dislike it due to that, cements the aboslute lack of you having any ability to be sane and subjective. Just "oh SF SF...
  16. EsPpY

    2011 Formula 1 Season Thread

    He looked so relaxed when it all ended... like the end of a BJ... EDIT: A little nitpicking, but the strum in gear changes makes it sound more like those old 2007 cars where it had over-zealous TC, LOL.
  17. EsPpY

    The F1 Technical Developments Thread

    You CAN supply a fourth, just needs the other 3 (Renault, Lotus Renault and also, RBR) to agree. Then you can, IIRC. And I share your sentiments the engine is making the Williams suck. Big.
  18. EsPpY

    The F1 Technical Developments Thread

    Seeing this statement I feel that Williams needs to get a "prim and proper" engine supplier. Should be a client for Renault since they were looking to supply a fourth team...
  19. EsPpY

    2011 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

    Using: to infer the below : = Cellos !! FAKE F1 fan !! Just trying to entertain !! Oh my god !! You have fucking wasted your life trying to support something your subconscious does not support !! Kill yourself. That's as real as things should ever get.