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  1. K5ING

    TGUSA should add an old car segment

    I would love for TGUSA to add a segment on a particular old, classic car during each episode. Get an expert to give the history of the car, maybe let Tanner drive it. Feature cars like Cord, Tucker, original Mustangs and GTO's, Duesenberg, Chrysler Airflow, etc. Some obscure cars would be...
  2. K5ING

    Top Gear on 60 Minutes

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but Top Gear UK is going to be featured on the US news show, 60 Minutes this Sunday, 24 Oct, 2010. Reporter Steve Kroft goes for a ride with The Stig and tries to get him to talk, plus he interviews our favorite Three Stooges. Might be worth checking...
  3. K5ING

    My '01 Golf TDI with 400K+ miles!

    I'll never give up the chance to show off my car, so here it is. Pretty much stock with no performance mods aside from a set of Koni Reds, but it's main attraction for me is that it not only still gets 50mpg on the highway, but it's got over 413,000 miles on it. It's never broken down on me...