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  1. remizak

    Top Gear Korea accident not sure where to post this since there isn't a TG Korea section
  2. remizak

    04 WRX

    So I came across this 04 WRX in fantastic condition and it only has 5,000 original miles on it my question to you guys is how much would you consider paying for it, and are there any mechanical issues I should be worried about with that era of WRX's?
  3. remizak

    new automotive show looking for experts, co-hosts and more

    This was on the bullrun facebook page I figured some of you here might be interested in this. "The Car Show" is their working title it is in no way related to the show on speed channel.
  4. remizak

    2 more fast and furious movies Not to sure about these movies the first one was pretty good when I was much younger but the latest one just was to cheesy for me.
  5. remizak

    Remizak's 2010 nissian maxima

    I finally got around to taking a few pic's of my car its just your average run of the mill Maxima
  6. remizak

    Dexter: season 6 Who else is looking forward to this season.