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  1. equiraptor


    Smoothies - delicious, yummy fruit combined with whatever-else to make a relatively healthy slurry of yumminess. I've always loved smoothies, but have been too lazy to make them regularly. Cleaning the blender, keeping fruit on hand, figuring out just what to mix, where, and how... I tended to...
  2. equiraptor

    Bras - Sizing, Shopping, Finding the Best

    Not-A-Dudes, where to you go to find bras that actually fit you? What sizes can you find near you? What doesn't fit, what does? What resources do you use to find bras, and for fitting tips? And even better, what shape and size are you? What bras fit you best, and how do different bras compare...
  3. equiraptor

    Vibram Five Fingers - The "Why bother with shoes?" shoes

    A few months ago, I bought some Vibram FiveFingers, specifically Sprints in slate/lichen. I bought these shoes because I prefer going barefoot, but I can't go barefoot everywhere I'd like. The Vibrams have a sole and thus are legally shoes, so I can wear them at work, in restaurants, etc. I've...
  4. equiraptor

    Epic Texas FinalGear Meetup!

    Ok Texas Folks, time for us to pick a place, a time, an event to gather, meet, show off our rides, and maybe even throw down the gauntlet with some karting! Lets get some ideas about a general timeframe and location for meetup going, let us know when you're busier, when your less busy, which...
  5. equiraptor

    Bunny Rabbit Racing (working title)

    So it starts something like this... ninjacoco was hanging around at Yeehaw, It's LeMons Texas 2010. I was driving a 1971 Volkswagen Type III Fastback, painted white at the time. Coco took one look at it and saw... Yes, Coco saw a Puffalump bunny in something that looks very much like this...
  6. equiraptor

    No 56k: 2006 MX-5: Track rat, autocross car, daily driver

    My car is a 2006 Mazda MX-5 GT in Nordic Green. I believe it has "Premium Package 1" - it has a limited slip differential, "Advanced Keyless Entry," the nicer stereo (though without mp3 CD capability), leather seats, and a cloth top. First things first, proof pics! Wait, I don't have any...