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  1. georgeisoff

    [02x07] What's that song?

    I't been a while since my last post. I was just wondering if people around here know if there is packs still available with complete soundtrack from GT. Just the way they used to be from TG? I was hesitant about where exactly to ask. Excuse me if this is not the proper place?
  2. georgeisoff

    Where do we find the shows now?

    I was asking myself the same, not about the episodes but the Music/Sountrack packs there used to be around the net.
  3. georgeisoff

    Other Song Requests

    I would like to know if anyone knows which song is being played at the beginning of this vid. from Chris Harris. Maybe some production track from Just reminds me of Moving Lights from Bob Bradley: You can...
  4. georgeisoff

    The Music Thread

    Better moved here:
  5. georgeisoff

    Hammond: Richard Hammond - 'Pre' Top Gear Days!

    Here I would like to share a hammond's playlist I found after sniffing around on YouTube Just have a look and compare this his previous style compared with what he has become today. I particularly like this one
  6. georgeisoff

    Homework Assigment... Sort of

    I currently enrolled in an intensive french course at university and for the immersion process we've been asked to look out for all the material we can find in french to start listening. Our instructors suggested as well as previous enrolled students, to find the kind of stuff we normally like...
  7. georgeisoff

    Does any one have the pic of the spinning gear?

    I think you can make a Print Screen from the transition between segments on older series. If I remember well. You might also be able to make a GIF out that. Gotta double check on that.
  8. georgeisoff

    The saga of James May and his 'shirts'

    I knew there was a conspiracy plot behind all this. I knew I've seen James May somewhere else getting fat. Could be worst. He could be wearing one of these: It doesn't matter. We all know James May is the sharp dressed men.
  9. georgeisoff

    Top Gear - African Adventure (Blu-Ray/DVD) June 10th

    Hammond's mustache must be a one-off.
  10. georgeisoff

    James May: The How many times has James been to the track (testing) thread?

    S06 E04: Renault Modus / Honda Jazz / Peugeot 1007 S06 E11: Top Gear theme song cover S12 E04: Pagani Zonda F Roadster S14 E01: BMW 760Li / Mercedes S63 AMG S15 E02: Porsche Boxster Spyder S16 E01: Ariel Atom V8 S17 E02: Aston Martin Virage S18 E03: Vauxhall Corsa Nurburgring / Fiat Panda...
  11. georgeisoff

    The Stig: Top Gear Season Montage Soundtrack

    Thank you so munch on the hint for Series 16 Montage. I wouldn't have figured out myself. Many Thanks!
  12. georgeisoff

    The Stig: Top Gear Season Montage Soundtrack

    That's outstanding... I wonder what where is the montage with Hammond on the Marauder??? Is there a Season montage that am I missing?
  13. georgeisoff

    The Stig: Top Gear Season Montage Soundtrack

    I was fooling around assembling a couple of playlist for an oncoming road trip and then I thought... mmmm maybe, just maybe I could assemble one out of the songs played during the intro season montages. The only trouble is that I haven't got access to Season 7 downwards yet. After this I am...
  14. georgeisoff

    Why I'm no longer going to watch Top Gear

    What I find most fascinating about this thread is the amount of hate and energy we are wasting in it instead of for example... write our opinions on "Why I love Season 19" Otherwise, Thanks to the OP to share his views. Now I'm gonna watch Season 19 again just for fun, and hang out with my 3...
  15. georgeisoff

    What you guys think about a DeLorean Film on TG

    Earth's only existing views of Clarkson on the DMC-12
  16. georgeisoff

    What you guys think about a DeLorean Film on TG

    Ok, so lets revive this turd. At last, it looks like Quentin Wilson had the picture for the brief-&-to-the-point segment I had in mind years ago. Only he actually envisioned my thoughts more than a decade earlier. Piece of $h!t car. But still though I absolutely adore it. Hope some of you...
  17. georgeisoff

    The Greatest Car in the World missing video thread

    ^ I've only seen the DS, Defender and the 500. Would love to see the others.
  18. georgeisoff

    Clarkson: Episode ID - Rubbish Vauxhall Astra is the greatest thing ever.

    I've been looking at "Inventions That Changed The World" but is none of those episodes too. :(
  19. georgeisoff

    Clarkson: Episode ID - Rubbish Vauxhall Astra is the greatest thing ever.

    I double checked on those episodes. But is not this program. :(
  20. georgeisoff

    Clarkson: Episode ID - Rubbish Vauxhall Astra is the greatest thing ever.

    I was looking around my Clarson's video collection watching Clarkson's Car Years and suddenly remembered a documentary on which I believe he goes on showing some of the best inventions ever made or something. At the end he introduces a white Vauxhall Astra or Vectra saying despite of being one...