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  1. georgeisoff

    Hammond: Richard Hammond - 'Pre' Top Gear Days!

    Here I would like to share a hammond's playlist I found after sniffing around on YouTube Just have a look and compare this his previous style compared with what he has become today. I particularly like this one
  2. georgeisoff

    Homework Assigment... Sort of

    I currently enrolled in an intensive french course at university and for the immersion process we've been asked to look out for all the material we can find in french to start listening. Our instructors suggested as well as previous enrolled students, to find the kind of stuff we normally like...
  3. georgeisoff

    James May: The How many times has James been to the track (testing) thread?

    S06 E04: Renault Modus / Honda Jazz / Peugeot 1007 S06 E11: Top Gear theme song cover S12 E04: Pagani Zonda F Roadster S14 E01: BMW 760Li / Mercedes S63 AMG S15 E02: Porsche Boxster Spyder S16 E01: Ariel Atom V8 S17 E02: Aston Martin Virage S18 E03: Vauxhall Corsa Nurburgring / Fiat Panda...
  4. georgeisoff

    The Stig: Top Gear Season Montage Soundtrack

    I was fooling around assembling a couple of playlist for an oncoming road trip and then I thought... mmmm maybe, just maybe I could assemble one out of the songs played during the intro season montages. The only trouble is that I haven't got access to Season 7 downwards yet. After this I am...
  5. georgeisoff

    Clarkson: Episode ID - Rubbish Vauxhall Astra is the greatest thing ever.

    I was looking around my Clarson's video collection watching Clarkson's Car Years and suddenly remembered a documentary on which I believe he goes on showing some of the best inventions ever made or something. At the end he introduces a white Vauxhall Astra or Vectra saying despite of being one...
  6. georgeisoff

    Episode ID - Permission To Stay Up Late

    I wonder if anyone can recall which news segment is in which jeremy goes about saying something like; "if you are 8, tell your parents you have my permission to stay up late... You are not going to bed" Because the next thing following is way to awesome to miss it. I also believe there is...
  7. georgeisoff

    [Review ID] - Anyone might know what happened to this?

    1984 Audi Sport quattro B2
  8. georgeisoff

    Clarkson: Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld MKV rips?

    Do you guys know and/or have a linky to where to find Clakson's Motorworld in MKV format? I already got the episodes. However, the MKVs have substantial quality improvement specially the audio. Wondering if someone might help me out with the ones missing I made a seach all around the forum but...
  9. georgeisoff

    60s 70s 80s Remixes

    I was hesitating by posting this question here since it is Top Gear related, or maybe on the "Entertainment >> Music Thread"; Feel free to move. Nevertheless, I've been randomly going through all series for a couple of months now, & got bit of an obsessive thing over a couple of...
  10. georgeisoff

    Clarkson: Intro Tracks - Inventions That Changed the World Series

    I've been watching this series again for like the 5th time in a couple of years and I was just thinking on compiling the intro songs, since like almost all BBC releases, the music selection from the knowledgeable editors is always perfect fit. Wondering if by any chance have any hint at the the...
  11. georgeisoff

    Episode ID - Can't seem to find on WTS

    First of all, apologies in advance if this is not the best place to post this question. However I tried an Advanced Search and on the WTS section, it seems to have never been listed. I was wondering if by any chance someone might remember where this tune was featured on. 7 Hurtz - Malibu I...
  12. georgeisoff

    The Top Sountrack/Score Composers?

    Looking to assemble a list from the top worthy ever featured on Top Gear (No particular order) Brian Eno Alan Silvestri Hans Zimmer James Horner Thomas Newman Clint Mansell Craig Armstrong Ludovico Einaudi ...Any great ones I'm sure I'm missing? EDIT: Almost forgot; Brian Tyler
  13. georgeisoff

    BBC F1 Soundtrack 2009

    Feel free to post any song sported on the 2009 features. Will sort it out. (YouTube link would be nice) Any wonderful music freaks as myself that would like to help to assemble a HQ YouTube Playlist? YouTube Playlist (Progress) The classic opening credits: The Chain (Remixed Version) -...
  14. georgeisoff

    BBC F1 Soundtrack 2010

    Feel free to post any song sported on the 2010 features. Will sort it out. (YouTube link would be nice) Any wonderful music freaks as myself that would like to help to assemble a HQ YouTube Playlist? YouTube Playlist (Done) The classic opening credits: The Chain (Remixed Version) - Fleetwood...
  15. georgeisoff

    BBC F1 Soundtrack 2011

    During this year's season I started a channel and have been regularly uploading clips and features of the best moments brought by the F1 2011 season. And now even have dedicated more energy given the fact the excellent BBC coverage is gonna be almost gone next year. Hopefully the trade-off will...
  16. georgeisoff

    Cars You Crave to See at LeMans - 24 Heures du Mans Fantasy Grid

    Start with the essentials:D Glickenhaus P4/5 Competizione Pagani Zonda R Marussia B2 Gumpert Apollo At last for Desert Ferrari LeMans Concept 2012 - This begs to be made
  17. georgeisoff

    F1 Look-alikes

    Anyone got any other ideas? Alonso vs Adam Goldberg David Coulthard vs "Red Drarf's Mechanoid, Kryten Sir Frank Williams vs Mr. Burns... even though it fits Bernie's characters like a glove. Barrichello vs Kelsey Grammer Alonso vs Adam Goldberg Adam Parr vs Andy Garcia Button...
  18. georgeisoff

    Clarkson: Handmade Ferrari Epicness!

    I am sure it was mentioned before. However, I am just gonna leave this right here.
  19. georgeisoff

    The F1 Boys on Top Gear with Sebastian Vettel and The British GP

    Thought maybe if someone missed it:
  20. georgeisoff

    Clarkson: Do you think Sebastian Vettel looks like Clarkson?

    I was watching a couple of Old Top Gear Videos as well as current Top Gear and Formula 1. Not because of the 17x03 episode but from years back. And I just could not help but thinking. Whenever I was watching a Grand Prix with young Seb for some reason reminded me of Clarkson sometimes...