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  1. DaHitch


    Has anyone ever tried motorcycle gymkhana before? For those unfamiliar with it; It's not gymkhana like we know from Ken Block. It's not about showing off, pulling wheelies or stoppies or drifting around, that's stunting, not gymkhana. :-) Gymkhana is about control and precision driving. The...
  2. DaHitch

    Volvo C30 Air filter replacement.

    I had my ECU tuned up a bit today, but during testing the mechanic there noticed that my air filter was due for replacement, he cleaned it out a bit but it still looks quite dirty. When I got home I opened up my air filter box to measure the air filter so I would know which one to choose. I'll...
  3. DaHitch

    Ownership Verified: My Volvo C30

    Hello Final Gear, it's been a while. :) A few weeks ago my Final Gear stickers arrived in the mail (Thanks Quiky!) and now I finally got around to putting them on the car, so I took some pictures to commemorate the occasion. For your authenticating pleasure: As mentioned, it's a Volvo C30...