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    Volvo plans $500 million U.S. assembly plant If it actually happens I will be glad. Nearly every month I have cars that arrive so late I...
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    Why we need cars with KERS Volvo S60 T5 with KERS system: Top Gear One of the problems with Hybrids besides the obvious weight penalty is that in the cold the batteries suck. Volvo's biggest markets have months at a time where the temperature never gets above freezing. I like this idea.
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    my wife and I make cute babies
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    Immigration reform in the US

    Because the country is falling apart because of all the crimes caused by illegal immigrants. Even though violent crime and overall crime in the US is near record lows.
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    Two bombs went off and the Boston Marathon finish

    live Video Just a warning Some of the pictures at that link could be considered pretty graphic. Lots of blood on the ground.
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    Convince me to buy an android phone

    So I need to get a new phone within the next month or so. I know for some people this isn't a big deal but I keep my phones forever and I don't usually get the latest new phone out there either. I got the first iPhone after it had been out a year then didn't replace till the iPhone 4 had been...
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    Veronica Mars Kickstarter movie: Model for other lost franchiseses like Firefly?

    So a little over 24 hours ago one of the creators of the Show Veronica Mars started a kickstarter campaign to fund a small movie that would wrap up the series. I never really watched this show when it was out but did watch some of it on Netflix. I think its a good show but I just didn't get...
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    Volvo V60 is coming to the US in Janurary of 2014

    I hinted at this in Random thoughts but I now have a PDF from the meeting where it was confirmed. No idea about powertrains or options yet. No details at all actually beyond the the 2014 launch date. Obviously I still think the V40/XC40 would be a better match for the US market but maybe...
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    Bring the V40 to the US Volvo Very long post, about nine pages with the charts so I am just going to copy the first few paragraphs. Any time there is news about the Volvo V40 there are always a wave of comments demanding that Volvo bring the...
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    News: Volvo ending production of C30 in December

    What I figured would happen for a while was official announced today. The last C30 orders have been placed and all production will cease by December. So if you really want that custom C30 you better tell someone now, all five of you anyway, we can only amend ordered cars for another couple of...
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    2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

    I actually bought this car back in March and even took these pictures then but never got around to posting anything. It is a 2005 Grand Cherokee that I took in trade so I got a good deal on it. It had about 80,000 miles on it at the time but is now up to 86,000 or so. It is a limited with...
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    Game: Kickstarter: CLANG Realistic sword fighting video game headed by Neal Stephenson I have been following stuff on Kickstarter since right after the site launched but this is the first time I think I will be a backer. This looks like a very cool idea. Obviously going to be a long time coming but if they can get it all...
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    Car Talk on NPR calls it quits That sucks I try to listen to the repeats on Sunday when I can.
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    Hapy international Pi day
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    Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter The Trailer

    Yes, you read that right. Little known fact of Abraham Lincoln is that before he was the USA's 16th president he was the greatest vampire hunter of his day. Big, strong, fast and unrelenting you didn't want to be on his bad side. I read the...
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    Want a new Commodore 64?

    Then yes you can have one. If you are much under the age of 30 you probably only barely remember the commodore 64 or only heard of one and never used one. I loved my commodore 64. It was fucking...
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    Game: Felicia Day breathes fire into 'Dragon Age' series

    Blind's and mine favorite actor, writer, gamer, producer plus all around hottie has a new web series coming out. Based on the Dragon Age games. I have never played Dragon Age but have heard good things about them. Should be a good series.
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    The S60R is dead... Long Live the S60R

    Yes I said S60R and not BS R-Design. There will be another S60R and yes it will have more power. Not sure how much more but more plus unique styling and suspension. I am sure there will be upgraded brakes and a unique interior that is supposed to be better then the current R-Design interiors...
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    Imported From Detroit

    From the new Chrysler Super Bowl commercial. What say ye good, bad or indifferent slogan. I think as slogans go it is not too bad. Makes a good bumper sticker or t-shirt too.
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    Richard Holbrooke dead died yesterday at the age of 69

    A sad day for modern diplomacy and foreign policy. Format doesn't take well to C&P read the rest at the link.