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  1. Jay

    A member of ours has passed.

    John Drake, you may know him as Capt_Howdy. His Facebook page.
  2. Jay

    Game console / handheld for me, a pacifist.

    Something I haven't really discussed here, but in the past few years I have committed to being avoiding violence. Politics and opinions aside, of the big 3 of gaming consoles, what would be the best for games that have little or no violence, or cartoonish violence? Also, with handhelds can...
  3. Jay

    Judge orders Sriracha hot sauce plant partly closed.,0,846102.story#axzz2lxl3kTfs
  4. Jay

    Which Flame Warrior are you? To begin, click "begin" in the upper right corner.
  5. Jay

    Not a car photoshop.

    I recently bought this and was wondering before I spent a good deal of money, what a white pick guard would look like instead of the black pick guard. Thank you!
  6. Jay

    UK Telegraph - Comments are the radioactive waste of the Web.

    An opinion piece.
  7. Jay

    N?rburgring goes bust, EU not planning to help.

  8. Jay

    The AMS Alpha 12 Nissan GT-R - world's quickest street-legal production automobile? I usually do not put up articles, but this one means a lot to me because my co-workers and I helped to create this and other Alpha GT-R's; we supply OEM blocks, heads, cranks and other components to AMS and worked...
  9. Jay

    SAAB, zombie of the automotive industry.

    Saab Lives! Sold to Chinese-Japanese consortium NEVS
  10. Jay

    ...And so I come crawling back.

    Anything new or exciting been going on? I have been cheating on you all at another forum; albeit it's has nothing to do with the automotive industry. But, I just did not fit in there, they did not get my sardonic humor and it was far too squeaky clean. So, am I still OK with all of you all?
  11. Jay

    Wacky Races 6: THE RACE THREAD.

    The Rules: You have to participate in order to finish. You cannot be pissed off if someone blows you up, rams you off the road, etc. Remember, this is a silly race, so even your car being a smoldering wreck won't stop you. You can, for example, conjure up a spell, fix your car and continue (Or...
  12. Jay

    Your New Year Resolutions?

    I know it is cliche and we are a cynical bunch, but I am sure some of you have some resolutions. For me, to lose the twenty pounds I put on from quitting smoking and depression eating, and to be less of a dick on the internet. Think Tommy Saxondale; "genuinely witty, while still being a bit of...
  13. Jay

    Prohibition: a documentary by Ken Burns.

    Really looking forward to this - This series just sort of popped up, if I knew any earlier I would have passed it on! :unsure: Everything Ken Burns does is superb, I expect this will be a great series. Starts at 8 pm East / 7 pm Central on PBS.
  14. Jay

    Where were you ten years ago today?

    Just leave the political rhetoric and conspiracy theories at the door, they belong in another section, PLEASE. :) Where were you when you heard the news? Many people remember the moment like it was a photograph of a moment. I was outside at work to meet my salesman when he told me the...
  15. Jay

    My Five Year Plan

    As most of you know, I will sometime in the future be divorced from my wife of seven years. I could go on another tangent regarding that, but I will refrain. The upside is that we are still getting along great, and there will be no tug of war for possessions. We moved to the Chicago area...
  16. Jay

    Kill, reformat or do nothing?

    Seeing how (in my opinion of course) Top Gear has been making a slow slide into something not so good, if you had to, would you: Kill the show off completely? Reformat it for the next season? Leave it as it is? THIS POLL IS NOT PUBLIC, so feel free to be honest.
  17. Jay

    Bergensbanen-the longest documentary ever?

    You can download via bittorrent the entire 22 gig, 7 1/2 hour documentary here:
  18. Jay

    Your favorite presenter?

    I will post my favorite later as to not sway opinion.
  19. Jay

    2010 lulz in review.

    What do you think got the most lulz on the internet, or here at Final Gear? Memes, memorable people, gifs, pictures. For example (and someone else can reuse this) Amerlamps and the gifs and pictures that followed it.
  20. Jay

    Your New Year's resolutions.

    It is that time! -Reduce smoking from seven a day to three by next November. -Be outdoors as much as possible. -Go to one National Park and Two National Forests. -Buy a bike and use it for trips under five miles. I can buy a Trek 7100 for under $400 now! That was unheard of twenty years...