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  1. _HighVoltage_

    Unverified Ownership 2011 Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design

    Hi everyone, I'm back...sort of. I took a very long break from the forum for various reasons. Lots of things happened in life. When I heard about Alex, it prompted me to check out the forum again. So here I am with a small update. And the update is that I acquired another Volvo. It's a 2011...
  2. _HighVoltage_

    Wheels of Italy, Cars & Coffee, Eurowerks - Minneapolis 2017

    Here are pictures from three recent car shows. Bonus: Corgi puppy
  3. _HighVoltage_

    Ford Duratec V6 oil leak

    Girlfriend's Ford Escape V6 went in for an oil change today. They said there was no oil on dipstick and the whole engine underneath is covered in oil. I personally checked the level 2 weeks/600 miles ago and it was at Max level. So, I went under it today to see what the deal is and I couldn't...
  4. _HighVoltage_

    Wheels of Italy - Minneapolis, MN September 2016

    Some great cars this year. Here is a selection of my favorites, starting with the five Ferrari 250's. Ferrari 250 GT LWB A couple of Ferrari 250 GT SWB Another Ferrari 250 GT LWB Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso Not sure the exact model but it's a late 1950s Ferrari with...
  5. _HighVoltage_

    Minneapolis Cars & Coffee - August 2016 [56k - go home]

    Another photodump of the cars that caught my attention. There were many other cool cars, but I've just seen them before...I may post my sets from previous shows. A real Cobra 427SC, not a kit A real Buick GNX, with a Bullitt Mustang GT390 in the back that was fenced off and couldn't take a...
  6. _HighVoltage_

    Rambler, Scramber, Rogue, Rebel, Javelin, AMC affair

    As I was driving yesterday, I came across a small local show that turned out to be the Minnesota AMC club. Never been a big fan of AMC, but there were still some cool cars there. Sorry, iPhone photos only :(
  7. _HighVoltage_

    Eurowerks 2016 - Minneapolis, MN (Lots of 80s Euro cars)

    Here are some pictures I took from the annual Eurowerks show. These are the cars that grabbed my attention among a sea of Golfs, Jettas, and Audi S4s. Car phone! Cosworth on monoblocks I loved this Quattro. It was immaculate. Some Iso (not a Grifo) that I'm unfamiliar with...
  8. _HighVoltage_

    Wheel stud conversion

    A company just came out with a wheel stud conversion kit for my car, which originally uses wheel bolts. Outside of the convenience of not having to hold the wheel as you put it on, is there any added safety benefit to using studs and lug nuts?
  9. _HighVoltage_

    Question about brake lines and master cylinder

    Last weekend I changed my front rotors and pads, as well as the brake lines because the rubber was falling apart (!!!) from too much stretch on full lock. I went with stainless steel braided lines (brand is Techna-Fit) because I had heard good things about reliability and performance...
  10. _HighVoltage_

    Buying advice - Mercedes vs. BMW

    Posting here for my cousin in the Netherlands who is now shopping for a company car, so it's a 4-year lease. She is not a car enthusiast, so she won't be pushing the car, going to the 'Ring or any of that. Her company is also stipulating that the car payment has to be more than 500 Euro per...
  11. _HighVoltage_

    Halogen bulbs - color temperature vs. heat

    I should know this, and I even googled it but came up empty. Let's say we have two 55w halogen bulbs, one is clear the other has a blue tint. There is visible difference in color temperature (3000k vs 5000k), but what about heat produced? I know how overall power is produced (amps x volts) and...
  12. _HighVoltage_

    Classic BTCC cars remade (awesome content inside)

    I could have posted in the Awesome thread, but I decided this deserves its own.
  13. _HighVoltage_

    Sound deadening foam?

    Has anyone tried using sound deadening foam/spray on their car? I know that Dynamat is effective for car interiors, but I'm thinking about the wheel wells. I noticed how some new cars have wheel wells covered in what looks like tar, and I saw that there are now sprays for sale that claim to...
  14. _HighVoltage_

    Grand Rapids, Michigan - April 13-16

    Does anyone live in Grand Rapids, or the vicinity, and want to meet up April 13-16? I will be in town for a work conference.
  15. _HighVoltage_

    Building a cheap media/work desktop

    I need some help/advice coming up with a cheap system to run at home. I like to work from my couch and right now I've connected my laptop to my 23 inch monitor, but as you can imagine the cables are annoying. Budget is under $500. I am considering getting a small barebones PC, but they seem to...
  16. _HighVoltage_

    What the hell is this...

    I just found this and was kind of unhappy how they are ripping off our name Viper and Quiky, do you guys know if these people are in violation? Did we ever register the name?
  17. _HighVoltage_

    Volvo S60...XC Why...just...why???
  18. _HighVoltage_

    Anyone heard good things about this winter tire?

    GT Radial Champiro Ice Pro (size 205/55/16 if that makes a difference). It has a surprisingly tempting price of $83 per tire locally. I couldn't find many reviews online. I know its not a cheap chinese crap, but it's also not a Blizzak.
  19. _HighVoltage_


    Long story short - e-brake holds the car fine when the front is facing downhill, but with the rear facing downhill all I get is a lot of screeching and no resistance. What the hell? If the drum shoes were bad, wouldn't they be bad in both directions?
  20. _HighVoltage_

    Anyone ever try Leatherique products?

    As the title says - has anyone tried them before for cleaning and reconditioning their leather? So far I've been using Lexol, because it's the most commonly recommended product, but it also contains lenolin which over time can wreck havoc on your leather seats. I am tempted to try Leatherique...