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  1. stevanford1

    Ownership Verified: Stevanfords 2018 Mustang GT

    So finally decided to bite the bullet and get myself into a Mustang. 10 speed car with Recaros and Magnaride. In Australia, active exhaust and the digital dash are standard features. The only options we can order are magnaride, Recaros, wheels and spoiler. Jumped on this car because I...
  2. stevanford1

    Stevanfords FGX G6ET

    As some people might know, Ford no longer produces cars in Australia. As a previous Falcon owner, this made me pretty upset. I used to own a 700+hp FG G6ET Falcon that has it's own thread on here somewhere. It may well have been the fastest car in a straight line, on this very forum, having run...
  3. stevanford1

    Pagani Huayra BC
  4. stevanford1

    Ayrton Senna week

    - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - Today marks 20 years since Roland Ratzenberger passed away on that fateful weekend at Imola. RIP
  5. stevanford1

    Pagani Zonda Revolucion

    Yep, they've made another version :mrgreen:
  6. stevanford1

    Lamborghini Egoista :blink:
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    19 years ago...

  8. stevanford1

    The worlds fastest convertible
  9. stevanford1

    Veyron SS no longer the fastest car in the world
  10. stevanford1

    AMG to go AWD Bolded the awesome bit. :mrgreen:
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    30 years ago today...

    F1 lost Gilles Villeneuve :(
  12. stevanford1

    More Ford horsepower

    My new wheels :mrgreen: A 2009 Ford Falcon G6ET Peek a boo :lol: The 4 litre turbo straight six. Conservatively rated to 370hp. In reality they're making closer to 400hp.
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    Dan Wheldon dead RIP
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    New Jeremy Clarkson DVD

    Does anyone have any information on this years movie ?
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    Headphone help

    Are there a set of headphones that are noise cancelling, have surround sound and are able to be used on a PC and tv ?
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    16 years...

    RIP ayrton. :(
  17. stevanford1

    Australian Open 2010

    First grand slam of the year. :) Sharapova already eliminated. :blink:
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    Do you find this ad racist ?

    This is a Kfc ad made in Australia. A few Americans think it's racist. What do you think. Bear in mind that a West Indian representative has said that she does not find the ad to be racist nor has she had any complaints from the West Indian community...
  19. stevanford1

    4WD to RWD. What needs to be done.

    If i wanted to convert a 4WD car to a RWD car what would i need to do ?
  20. stevanford1

    Muscle car Masters 2009