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  1. Devon

    2013 Formula 1 Season Thread

    I've been pretty well thank mate, good to see you and a few other familiar people still on the forums. Hope you've been well as well ;-) I've been busy with life and don't have much time for anything. Glad to see the Formula 1 thread is still active as ever. Keep it up!
  2. Devon

    2013 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Hello Everyone! It's been a long time since I've been on these forums, just thought I'd pop in and say Hi! Figured this was the best place to write in, as I use to spend most my time in the Formula 1 section. Hope you've all been well and are enjoying the 2013 season so far! Go Webber :)
  3. Devon

    Formula 1 Dream Team Competition on Sportal

    I'm pretty happy with my Malaysian Round, I got the highest score in the league with 877 pts. I've jumped from 49th to 44th...I'm slowly coming back. :lol:
  4. Devon

    2010 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

    Great race for Vettel and Webber well done to them both, hopefully the reliability issues won't resurface again this season for Red Bull. Great little scruff between Hamilton and Petrov, Petrov did pretty well I thought. Alonso did well with is broken Ferrari, shame his engine failed when is...
  5. Devon

    2010 Qantas Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    What a frustrating race for Red Bull...good race overall though, just not the results I was hoping for!
  6. Devon

    2010 Qantas Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    w00t w00t Reb Bull 1-2, well done to Vettel and Webber...bring on the race!
  7. Devon

    2010 Formula 1 Season - Official Discussion Thread

    Source Rumours of driver changes starting's interesting, but way to early in the season to make anything of it.
  8. Devon

    2010 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

    Good to see Vettel take pole! Good start so far for RBR, would've been better if Webber qualified higher.
  9. Devon

    Formula 1 Dream Team Competition on Sportal

    I'm in for another year boys and girls!
  10. Devon

    The motorsport people's Twitter profiles - thread

    Mark Webber -
  11. Devon

    2010 F1 Car Launches Thread

    Source Hi :wave:
  12. Devon

    Merry F1 Christmas

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from Down Under. I hope you've all had (have) a wonderful day. I haven't been on for a couple of months as I've had a lot going on, all good though. Hopefully I'll be around more regularly in the new year. Stay safe. Devon...
  13. Devon

    2009 Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix

    I missed the race, because I had to get up early the next morning to start my new job! Was very happy to see Vettel and Webber finish 1-2. Bring on 2010!
  14. Devon

    Which 2009 F1 rookies deserve a 2010 drive?

    I wouldn't mind seeing Kobayashi, Buemi and Alguersuari on the grid next year.
  15. Devon

    Pics from Abu Dhabi

    Some great photos there. :thumbup:
  16. Devon

    2009 Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix

    I think most of us have no real interest in the Gran Prix at Abu Dhabi, but if you want to discuss it I think it should have it's on thread... Post away.
  17. Devon

    Official Discussion Thread of the 2009 Formula 1 Season

    Great driver summary Necx0, look forward to reading some more in 2010!
  18. Devon

    2009 Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    It's good Vettel showed his emotions, we don't want someone who is censored.
  19. Devon

    Random F1 videos

    Maybe it was Martin who set off the "bang." :lol:
  20. Devon

    2010 F1 calendar announced

    My brother is living in Canada at the moment, maybe it's time to start planning a trip over there to visit him.