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  1. tigger

    Ownership Verified: Veefer Madness

    Here's yet another FG Honda VFR. My '92 VFR750. Thread name provided by Der Stig, because this site has a fever, and only more VFR's are gonna cure it. It's mostly stock except for the exhaust can and re-jetting, seat reupholstered with firmer foam, Penske rear shock and rebuilt front end by...
  2. tigger

    Ownership Verified: Joined the Land Yacht Club. '88 Ford LTD Crown Vic Wagon

    Here she is. Right off the bat I can tell you those godawful wheels and stupid decals are going to be gone as soon as possible. Yuck. Other than that I love the floaty big bastard. :mrgreen: Kind of a turd of a 5.0 but it does the job. Runs nice and smooth. Maybe this winter I'll get...
  3. tigger

    Tig's KZ550 Rat

    Now that I've actually done a little work on this thing, I suppose it's worth starting a thread, if only to help me remember what I've done to it :P. The bike is an '81 Kawasaki KZ550, when I first picked it up it had an early '90s Ninja 250 front end on it, looked like this: The bike had...
  4. tigger

    G-body brake bleeding problem

    I put new front brake hoses on my Cutlass today and then, as the thread title says, I ran into problems bleeding the system. Brake fluid is getting down into the calipers, but there's no pressure behind it. The brake pedal goes all they way to the floor, whether the car is running or not. Ideas?
  5. tigger

    Another 'wut car is gud' thread

    Hey guys, my mom's in the market for a new or slightly-used car. She's looking for a reliable compact car and she's willing to spend $15-20,000. Fairly easy requirements to meet, except I really don't know much about small cars or even new cars in general. She's test driven the new Fiesta and a...
  6. tigger

    '92 Grand Marquis running rough

    I picked this boat up at an estate sale a couple weeks ago. I was intending to just get it running right and sell it again ... but it's a fair step up from the F150. Of course, it had sat for some time and barely been driven anyway; it's got ~85-90k miles on it (odometer quit 2-3 years ago at...
  7. tigger

    Widespread Fraud in Latest Afghan Elections Anyone surprised?
  8. tigger

    '78 Ford F150 - Possibly the ugliest thing I've ever owned. That's saying something.

    Long story short: I've been forced to unload my BMW project :cry:. So as a general "Fuck You" to the world I bought this thing: It's big, it's hideous, my landlord is terrified of it and I love it. Plus it was cheap (imagine that). It's 2WD with an 8ft bed. For power it has the carbed...
  9. tigger

    Honda VFR speed sensor?

    Hey guys, the speedometer on my '96 VFR750F isn't working. I ran through all the troubleshooting steps in the manual and it comes down to the speed sensor. So where is the damned thing? :lol: And any tips on replacing it?
  10. tigger

    Quick Exhaust Question

    I replaced the muffler on my E30 yesterday and realized that there is only one hangar on the entire exhaust. Well, there may be one just ahead of the catalytic converter, but I think all that's holding the exhaust up is the manifold and one hangar that attaches to the same tab as the driver's...
  11. tigger

    E30 steel wheels?

    Hey guys. I've bent 2 wheels in 2 weeks on my BMW (they're the flimsy 14x6 alloy "bottlecaps"). I'm sick of it. Does anyone make cheap steel wheels that fit E30s? I'd like to avoid running spacers if I can. The bolt pattern is 4x100mm, same as Miatas, Hondas, etc.
  12. tigger

    1996 Honda VRF750F ... another project!

    The way my projects have gone lately I don't know if I should start another thread <_<, but here it is. Really the only problem with it is the plastics. The bike has been dropped on both sides and I don't think there's a good piece of fairing left on it. Plus there are some electrical problems...
  13. tigger

    Suzuki SV650 reliability?

    I have a chance to buy a '06 Suzuki SV650 cheap. I like the way it rides, I love the sound and it's more than fast enough to suit me. But it has 20,000 miles on it. Do these bikes last any longer than their inline-4 cousins or is this one nearing the end of its life? It appears to be well...
  14. tigger

    Brown beats Coakley in Massachusetts; Kennedy rolling in his grave

    Further proof of the Democrats inability to get anything right. Not only was Coakley an utterly pathetic candidate; Obama backed her. And while I'm happy the "super majority" is gone, now nothing is going to get done in Washington, for better or worse.
  15. tigger

    Newsmax Columnist Suggests Military Coup in US Newsmax pulled the article from their site. Normally I very much oppose self-censorship, but this article is the very definition of irresponsible journalism. Just curious what you guys...
  16. tigger

    The Ultimate $500 Driving Machine

    I just can't drive some boring, reliable, cheap car. Like my Bonneville. Oh no. :? I originally bought this BMW just to flip it for a little money ... and continue driving the Bonneville (despite it being a total microcosm for GM's failure as a car manufacturer), but damn, even in its terrible...
  17. tigger

    *&%$ing Vista is killing my computer

    Hey guys, I need a little help and I'm not exactly the most computer savvy guy. I've got a computer running a MSI 945GM3 motherboard, 2.8ghz dual-core Intel processor, 2g of RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT graphics card. And Windows Vista. Goddamned Vista. Anyway, it has been running fine for...
  18. tigger

    New Toyotas Trucks, Same Old Rust

    Link (awesome picture):
  19. tigger

    Fun With Brakes

    That is what I'm having. My S10 is currently stumping me with its chronically spongy brake pedal. It has new pads/shoes and a new master cylinder. I've bench bled the master cylinder and bled the brakes twice now, and the pedal is still soft. It's not completely suicidal; the tires will lock if...
  20. tigger

    Cars that could only be road-legal in Kansas ...

    Well, here's my beaters. Currently there are 4 of them, so I'll just stick them all in one thread. I suppose this is half so others can laugh at my cars over the internet, and half so I can remember what I've done to said beaters :D. First up is a real classic: A 1978 Ford Fairmont. It's got a...