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  1. Danny Tran

    Shopping for a used car, want some input

    I'm shopping for a first car. It's about darned time since I'm almost 30. Budget is $CA 12,500. I'm living in Halifax, Canada, for a few months and we get quite alot of snow here in the winter months. I plan on driving up to Montreal and back 3x a year and I want something reliable, interesting...
  2. Danny Tran

    Car Reviews by Top Gear presenters: one article, one thread

    I'm mostly referring to Jeremy's reviews. I just read the one on the Fezza 458 which is not in the massive TimesOnline thread, and it was so much simpler to read and comment on. Since his reviews are rare, one per week at most it wouldn't be too bad sofar as thread count go.
  3. Danny Tran

    Setting up the 2009 FinalGear car awards

    It's that time of the year again. Let's use the thread to think of categories. My ideas for categories are (obviously) best car, best noise, best car video. Anyone else up for this?
  4. Danny Tran

    Star Wars in concert

    :blowup: Live event, massive high def screens, live the saga through live music! ....featuring none other than the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. I saw it earlier and it was pretty awesome!
  5. Danny Tran

    Can I change my name?

    Can I change my name? So tired of "Danny Tran" but I'd like to keep my avatar, rep, poste numbers, etc.
  6. Danny Tran

    What is the best AWD system?

    I'm really liking the new Volkswagen Passat CC and I've been really thinking about getting a VR6-powered 4motion (in a couple of years). This got me thinking of which is the best AWD system out of all the manufacturers? Mitsubishi's S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control)? Audi's quattro? Nissan's...
  7. Danny Tran

    Which city would you like to move to?

    Montreal, Canada is nice but the weather is much too harash. Thinking bout maybe moving Vancouver! All i need is to explore to career options there,
  8. Danny Tran

    What cars do Tiff and the other presenters own?

    I'm really wondering what Tiff owns....
  9. Danny Tran

    Which generation of Mitsubishi Evo would you have?

    If it were your money and you had to chose between these three cars? Why? NOT which is fastest, best, real ....
  10. Danny Tran

    Which BMW would you have? old M3 or BMW 135i?

    Which BMW would you have? old M3 or BMW 135i?
  11. Danny Tran

    Fifth Gear's format is getting interesting

    I'm prefering Fifth Gear's regular segment line: 1. Track shoot-out 2. New cars (but are they any good) 3. Comedy/reality segment 4. Sports car/supercar/super-saloon with Tiff Plus, they do include alot more consummer-oriented advice too (when's the last time we saw the Top Gear down-to-earth...
  12. Danny Tran

    Audi R8 or Nissan GT-R?

    Regardless of which is the faster or a better car, or which is a "real" super car, which would you get if it were your own money? These are two very interesting cars but I reckon that the GT-R does keep me awake far more. I can't explain it with objective arguments such as japanese reliability...
  13. Danny Tran

    I reckon we should have an end of year Finalgear Awards thread!

    .... with an organisation similar to the Top 100 cars thread, but with various categories, winners and nominees! It's one of my favorite segments in Top Gear and it shouldn't be too hard: I've seen some of the funniest writing on these boards.
  14. Danny Tran

    Worst news ever: Canada to implement speed limiting devices on all cars
  15. Danny Tran

    Interesting cars the Europeans don't have

    Watching Top Gear, I often get the impression the North American market get few interesting cars: Pagani Zonda, Reanult Clio (mid-engined, really bokers one), Ford Focus RS and ST, Holden Monaro, Fiat 500, Alfa Romeos, VW Polo, Ford Mondeo, Suzuki Swift sport (not the fake one, Daewoo Kalos)...
  16. Danny Tran

    Brattleboro resident (Vermont) to vote on arresting Bush, Cheney
  17. Danny Tran

    Some ideas for series 11

    Let's have a race to Germany in the new Nissan GT-R ! Used-car segment featuring some old japanese coup?s.
  18. Danny Tran

    Mp3 players, need some help..

    I broke my good old i-river and I've just started shopping but I've been out of the mp3 player loop since 2005. My main concern: good bass and excellent sound quality. It's been hard trying to find a replacement. I tried 2 Sandisks, the Sansa USB-like key with terrible sound quality (the sound...
  19. Danny Tran

    Mobile phones and text-messaging

    I have yet to jump on the mobile phone bandwagon. I'm part of 20% of the Canadian population who gets by with just a home phone. Until I move out of my parents', I still think a cellphone is an unnecessary additionnal monthly expense; I'm already paying for the gym, high-speed interneting, and...
  20. Danny Tran

    Reapeating laugh track is getting annoying

    I'm talking about the studio segments: I get the impression that that a previously recorded laught track (with a single proeminent female voice) when something funny (or not) is said. Sometimes I notice that the audience behind the presenter isn't laughing at all. Am I the only one noticing this?