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  1. gtrietsc

    Cars and Coffee Dallas, 3-5-2011

    Just posting up these. Three BMW Z8s were there today, a couple of E-Types, a Boss 429. God it was cold.
  2. gtrietsc

    Cars and Coffee Dallas, 2/12/2011

    Thought I would share the pics I took this morning!
  3. gtrietsc

    Cars and Coffee Plano TX - November 2010

    The usual parade of exotics, but a few surprises. - 458 Italia - 1988 Yugo (!) - SLS AMG And even a Swiss Army truck! All pics here:
  4. gtrietsc

    Help save me from boredom in Topeka!

    A long shot to be sure, but was curious if anyone here had any ideas on where to amuse myself this coming week while I am in Topeka, KS. Gotta go for work, so I wont be able to fling the M5 around Heartland Park :) Looking mainly for any good bars, etc. I don't want to stay cooped up in my...
  5. gtrietsc

    Replacing the X3 with....

    Previously, on Post Your Car.... So, the new car has arrived. The wife agreed to take my pickup (thanks honey!) and I was able to get...something a little more my speed. I picked up a 2006 M5 with 38k miles on Thursday. I...
  6. gtrietsc

    Goodbye to the X3....

    On August 2nd, my wife was rear-ended on a freeway on-ramp when traffic came to a halt. She was pushed into 1-2 more cars. She is fine, but on this past Friday they declared her car a total loss. The car that hit her was a Chrysler Sebring. The driver had to go to the hospital. I have...
  7. gtrietsc

    I am a nerd. I admit it.

    On March 30th, Texas announced availability of customer license plates that are 7 characters, as long as the first one is a "T". So of course, how could I not? :rolleyes:
  8. gtrietsc

    Vacationing in Ireland

    So, my wife and I have booked a trip to Ireland June 10-18. Was hoping some of my friends on here that might have been could give me some tips! - What can I *not* miss while I am there? - If I buy a prepaid SIM for my phone while I am there does it include data? - Is free Wi-Fi prevalent...
  9. gtrietsc

    My pics from the 2010 Dallas Auto Show

    Took my camera to the Dallas Auto Show on Sunday. Weather was miserable, and since my wife had to do some work that morning, it was pretty much a sprint through the exhibit hall, and I didn't get to see everything. However, I did see a few cool things. This Challenger was eye-catching...
  10. gtrietsc

    Carbage models?

    I was at a hobby store today, and noticed this on the shelf: I am thinking, "So, it has a sticker that says Download. That's really stupid." But dumber than that was the description on the side, written by a company out of touch with reality. What a terrible concept. Anyone else seen...
  11. gtrietsc

    First shots with my new T1i

    Headed to a local resort hotel to take some pictures of our daughter, who is 9 months old yesterday. Still using some of the Auto modes (not Full Auto, but still....) If it weren't important photos, and I had more time, I would have waded in to the Manual settings. Anyway, here are a few of...
  12. gtrietsc

    Seeing your old car/truck destroyed

    Anyone else ever sell a vehicle, then run across it later on, destroyed? I sold my 1995 Lightning pickup in Feb. 2008 - yesterday I learned someone else locally bought a totalled one for parts. Same truck. When I sold it: Now...
  13. gtrietsc

    My crappy rental - 2007 Chevy Impala

    So, my truck is in the shop right now for repairs after the battery leaked acid all over the passenger side quarter panel. They estimate 10 days total for the repair because there is body work involved. Anyway, the rental they gave me is a 2007 Chevy Impala. After driving it a little, my...
  14. gtrietsc

    Going to be without my truck for 10 days...

    I opened the hood the other day to replace the air filter - truck was due for 30k mile service and going in the next day, but I saw no reason to pay dealer rates for 2 second air filter swap. Going to let them handle the fuel filter, oil change and tire rotation. Anyway, I notice what appears...
  15. gtrietsc

    Windows Home Server + pyTivo

    Anyone else doing this? pyTivo works great from my desktop, but I am trying to move media serving away from it to my new WHS box. I have found people mention they are doing it, but just wondering if there are any kinks since this is a headless box.
  16. gtrietsc

    Planning to be in San Fran August 30

    Anyone up for grabbing some dinner and/or a drink?
  17. gtrietsc

    A trip to the Freedom Museum

    I was in a small Texas town called Pampa over the weekend for a wedding. They have a small building called the Freedom Museum there, with various military vehicles outside, including a B-25 bomber, which is cool. INSIDE, though - two Willys Jeeps. One was a 1952 model that had been...
  18. gtrietsc

    Police car on fire in West Dallas

    Yikes. And it didn't even get rear-ended at 70+ mph!
  19. gtrietsc

    Battlefield 1943

    How is there not a thread for this yet? Or did I just miss it?
  20. gtrietsc

    Vintage Model T I saw today...

    Happened to have my pocket camcorder with me!