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  1. gtrietsc

    DMCA Notice

    Pretty terrible, but we can still have episode countdowns, and instead of links, maybe just post the file name in non linked text. That's just speech. :) In reality this will cause me about 1 minute of delay in getting an episode, so...congrats BBC?
  2. gtrietsc

    College Football. Does anybody watch?

    TCU got back on the wagon this week against Air Force. That Baylor loss was a bitter pill. Texas BARELY scraped by the Mormons. Disappointing because I was hoping for the upset there. And HOLY BALLS was the finish for Michigan/ND exciting! I thought this was supposed to be THE YEAR for ND?
  3. gtrietsc

    Touchpad fire sale

    One of my friends is all over this too, but I don't get it. Even at a steep discount, the only people using it will be you, Hitler, and his mom. No one is going to be developing ads for something so abandoned.
  4. gtrietsc

    I Drive a Red Car... With TWO Clutch Pedals!

    Nice car. I too am a fan of the Interlagos Blue, but that red is pretty hot as well.
  5. gtrietsc

    Ownership Verified: Viper's 2001 Ford Mustang GT

    Congrats Viper. Looks like you found a car in awesome condition for its age, with LOW miles. I can't believe its a 5 speed!
  6. gtrietsc

    Texas Forensic Science Commission

    Final update:
  7. gtrietsc

    Breaking news: Blast hit Norwegian government building in Oslo

    I have never liked Salon, I have to admit. While I see what they are saying in this article, comparing Norway and the US directly is still very apples and oranges. Although I do agree that resisting calls to increase state surveillance powers through wiretapping and other means should be...
  8. gtrietsc

    Breaking news: Blast hit Norwegian government building in Oslo

    You are welcome. So its like the reverse of our system, almost. We would say "life without possibility of parole", you say "21 years with the possibility of 21 more years, ad infinitum". How would he ever prove himself rehabilitated? He wrote a 1500 page manifesto, and obviously this act...
  9. gtrietsc

    Breaking news: Blast hit Norwegian government building in Oslo

    I don't get to browse FG as much as I used to for lack of free time. So being my first post in this thread, firstly, I want to say I am deeply saddened for the people of Norway. When I first heard about the bombing, saw the pictures of the carnage (before the shootings were reported), I felt...
  10. gtrietsc

    Okay fine, what's a good cheap RWD car then?

    How anyone can tolerate that much cheap plastic squeaking as it rubs together is beyond me. Friend had a 99 Camaro SS that was fast as balls but good lord was the interior shit. But I am not a GM guy, although I tried to be.
  11. gtrietsc

    Okay fine, what's a good cheap RWD car then?

    I would also think finding a good used F-Body that you would want to be seen in would be hard. I hardly see them on the roads anymore, which isnt surprising considering how few were sold compared to Mustangs.
  12. gtrietsc

    Okay fine, what's a good cheap RWD car then?

    Having had one, I can't recommend. They sound great on paper,
  13. gtrietsc

    Kinect or PS Move?

    We have Kinect and enjoy it - wife likes Dance Central, from the makers of Rock Band. We also use it to video chat with our parents who use MSN Messenger. The voice commands you can do with video playback are also handy if you arent near the remote!
  14. gtrietsc

    Tips for buying a used car from a dealership?

    Are there any (non-judging) FG members near said car that could/would take a look at it before you buy plane tickets and all that jazz?
  15. gtrietsc

    Viper's 1988 Chevrolet Crapsica LT

    I don't think that is as big of a deal. Not sure I would buy sight unseen so to speak, but I dont think cars rust quite as quickly as they used to, plus you have got to believe this was garaged in the winter...
  16. gtrietsc

    Flickr - do you guys use it?

    I use Flickr, like it a lot. To me the only downside is there is no real good way to take a backup of all your photos from the service. There are hacks but they all seem to have an issue.
  17. gtrietsc

    PSN most stores back and the Welcome Back Pack

    Two free games? I can double the number of games in my collection!
  18. gtrietsc

    Driver's License in the states...

    Question. Couldn't you just go in and renew your license right before it expires? Their page says you only need your old license and 1 proof of residency, which should just be a utility bill less than 60 days old. Then, when you get to CO use that valid ID to get your CO one.
  19. gtrietsc

    List of cancelled / renewed shows - May 2011

    I watch The Event, but only as a study in TERRIBLE writing and acting. It really is almost total dreck. So I will miss it, but only a little. I *am* bummed that Fix canned Human Target though. It was a fun show that didnt take itself too seriously.
  20. gtrietsc

    Head of IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn arrested in New York

    Seems like the case will hinge on tearing down the positive ID the victim made against him in a lineup.