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  1. aaurora

    Is there a logical explanation for these pictures?

    There must be a logical explanation as to why James and Richard are posing with the same bra :blink:
  2. aaurora

    New 'bloopers': TG Book Reading

    Amusing clip of the boys reading an extract (not very successfully) of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as part of The Big Read and by the looks of it, is several years old.
  3. aaurora

    Hammond: New Home for Richard Hammond

    Stunning! TOP Gear's Richard Hammond has bought his own castle. The pint-sized TV presenter, nicknamed Hamster, splashed out ?2million on the pile. It is set in 20 acres. The main house has six bedrooms while outbuildings...
  4. aaurora

    Hammond: Richard Hammond to appear on Strictly Come Dancing? Were stars snapped at BBC meeting getting ready for new series of Strictly Come Dancing? Jul 5 2008 By Donna Watson...
  5. aaurora

    Hammond: Richard Hammond's Lab Rats

    Top Gear's Hammond joins Lab Rats Top Gear host Richard Hammond is to present a children's television series about science. The 38-year-old will front Richard Hammond's Lab Rats - set in the world of a secret underground laboratory - on BBC One and the CBBC channel. The ?2m series will...
  6. aaurora

    Hamster Wants Double Pay

    I thought they made more money than what's stated in the article - it's not much at all, really :| I hope they do get more money, I think they deserve to make millions for what they do. AS if rising fuel charges were not...
  7. aaurora

    Hammond: Richard's chat show not picked up

    Richard has filmed the pilot of his chat show and Channel 4 have decided not to pick it up. I don't know where he gets the time to do everything, anyway.
  8. aaurora

    Richard recovering from emergency operation (appendicitis)

    Hope he feels better soon :) Poor boy. TOP Gear pixie Richard Hammond was this week rushed to hospital with appendicitis, TV Biz can reveal. The Hamster ? who cheated death in a 288 mile-an-hour crash in 2006 ? checked into a...
  9. aaurora

    Looking for TG DVD reviews

    Hi All, I have searched and couldn't find :? I am basically looking for reviews on the TG dvd's that are available to buy. I am wondering if any of the dvd's include any extra footage or does it all come from the episodes? Top Gear: Challenges goes for 175 mins, for example. How much of this...