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  1. Red Falcon

    Pick a car from the year you were born

    In this thread, you pick a favorite car (Or truck, or bike), and post one or more pictures of it. But it must be a vehicle from the year you were born :) Mine would be the 1980 De Tomaso Pantera
  2. Red Falcon

    TGUS 03x11 No sound

    Downloaded the standard definition latest ep for TGUS (03x11). There's no sound :( 720p version working well :)
  3. Red Falcon

    Best convertible

    Saw this discussion starting at the carbage thread so I thought it deserved its own thread: In your opinion, what's the best convertible car of all time? (Convertible as in "I can see the sky if I look up". No matter if it's a cabrio, spider, roadster, Formula 1, or a Ford model T) My...
  4. Red Falcon

    NSX tribute video

    First of all, sorry if this was posted before. This is a petrolhead forum, and since this is a 1 year-old video I bet many people already watched it. But I couldn't find it posted anywhere so... here goes what I think is the most epic, moving, emotional tribute a car has ever received, featuring...