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  1. Koenig

    Need advice on whether or not to buy a BMW

    Hey guys, I haven't been around here for a long long time. Anyways, my beater is slowly dying, and as a last gift to me before I graduate from my second degree, my parents are buying me a car (as long as it's under $30,000). I've been looking at diesels for a long time, but seeing as how the...
  2. Koenig

    Game: League of Legends

    Anyone play? It's been one of the fastest growing and most popular PC games for the past year. I'm Koenigg99 on the NA server.
  3. Koenig

    Huge internet speed difference between laptop and desktop

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with the wireless connection on my laptop. While I understand that generally a wireless connection will be slower than a wired connection (both connected to the same router/modem), I'm seeing ridiculously low speeds on my laptop's wireless. According to...
  4. Koenig

    2 Years in Prison - A Man's Story [Great Read][Very Long][Possibly NSFW]

    Incredible read about a man's stint in jail for 2 years. I spend quite a while reading this but I felt it was worth every second, which is why I decided to share it over here. Enjoy.
  5. Koenig

    Bejeweled 2 for FREE on 10/10/10, one day ONLY In celebration of Binary day today, Bejeweled 2 is free for NA and Europe. Grab it here.
  6. Koenig

    Need help choosing RAM

    So I want to buy some more RAM for my PC, but being an idiot, I don't have a clue what type of RAM I need to buy to be compatible with my mobo/existing RAM. Here's the CPUZ of my mobo:
  7. Koenig

    JAV star to offer free sex to the Chinese to apologize *Goes to look up airplane tickets prices to Japan*
  8. Koenig

    It's Been Five Years..............

    Now bare with me, as I think this may be quite a lengthy post. Some of you may know me, most may not since I'm only really active in the 'Off-Topic' area of the forums. At 12:00 AM tonight, eastern standard time, I will have been a member of the FinalGear Forums for exactly 5 years. Now...
  9. Koenig

    Parents need new small-SUV. Help?

    My parents are in the market for a brand new small SUV. They are looking closely at the Honda CRV, and while I don't disagree with the choice, for the sake of another option, I told them to also look at the VW Tiguan. Their price range is topping out in the low-$30000 (so don't recommend a Q5...
  10. Koenig

    The Driver (new animated series)

    This has got me really interested. Hoping that it does well enough not to be cancelled!
  11. Koenig

    Elderly Gay Couple Forcibly Separated, Abused, Robbed By County Officials in CA

    Oh California, why do you fail so hard? Source. That's pretty fucking horrible. Hope everyone who had a hand in that gets what's coming to them.
  12. Koenig

    Cake vs. Pie: The Ultimate Showdown!

    Mankind has long pondered the question: Cake or Pie? Well ponder no longer! We will now settle his debate once and for all! And not just simply Cake or Pie, but even the specific kind of each delicious dessert. In the spirit of March Madness, make your choice! Yes I shamelessly ripped this...
  13. Koenig

    New Earbuds needed

    Looking for new earbuds to replace my Shure SE102's that I just lost. Budget of about $60 CAD. Would like another pair of Shures, but they're far too expensive (I only bought the SE102's because they were 50% off). Any suggestions?
  14. Koenig

    The Horrible Pun Game Thread

    Shamefully ripped from another forum that I'm a member of. The gist is simple, carry on a normal conversation in this thread, using nothing but awful puns. Creative topic switching is allowed and encouraged. Topic to start off with: Food. Now lettuce begin.
  15. Koenig

    Transfer issues with my USB Flash Drive

    I have a OCZ Deisel Flash Drive (16GB) that has been working great until now. I had about 6GBs worth of files on it when I decided to move another file onto it (District 9 720p: 6.6GBs). It had more than enough space, but it kept giving me an error saying that I had no more room on the drive...
  16. Koenig

    BBQ Pitmasters (TLC Show)

    Anyone watching this? It's here if you want to check it out. Only watched the first episode so far, and it looks kinda decent. The food itself looks amazing, but some people on the show really get on my nerves.
  17. Koenig

    Snacks/Junk Food

    What are your guilty pleasures when it comes to snacks/junk? We all know they're terrible for us, but who doesn't have huge cravings for stuff like a huge bag of Cheetos every now and then? Personally, I love to chomp on a huge box of these when I'm watching sports/movies or just stuyding...
  18. Koenig

    The most infallible 20 questions game ever

    LINK This thing is amazing. Nothing I've thought of has been able to fool him so far.
  19. Koenig

    Dad kills son for molesting toddler

    Dad accused of killing son over sex abuse claim LINK Dads of the year: 1a. This guy 1b. Drasius Kedys
  20. Koenig

    V -- Remake of the 1983 series

    Tried searching, but V is not enough letters soooo.... Can't believe we don't have a thread for this show yet! Only reason to get excited about TV Tuesdays now, and it's a good one! Not quite FlashForward good, but we'll see where they take it from here. Wikipedia