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  1. avanti

    Setting up webcam "surveilance"

    I am looking for the easiest way of doing the following; set up a wifi webcam on my property will not be connected to a computer camera needs to upload a still picture every x minutes to a website and store the old pictures on a server. There seems to be 100s of tutorials online but they are...
  2. avanti

    Aftermarket aircondition unit for RV camper

    I don't know how big the RV crowd is here, but I will give it a try.. :) My uncle recently bought a 1991 Fiat Tabbert 660 (like the one pictured), it doesn't have AC, so I am looking for recommendations for roof mounted AC units. I am imagining that the market for this is very big in Germany...
  3. avanti

    1998 C43 AMG, advice needed

    Asking for a friend who is looking to buy a AMG, the car in question is a 1998, 150000km, service history for the first 70000, aesthetically very good condition, asking 10500euro. I've read about the issues with the W202, does the same go for the AMG? Anything in particular to look out for...
  4. avanti

    Tell me about NUC..

    I am looking into getting a Intel? NUC Kit NUC6i5SYH, the concept is very tempting. Does anyone have experience with them? The only demanding stuff it will be used for is video editing. Edit: Nuc 6 with i5 or Nuc 5 with i7...
  5. avanti

    The 24 Hour War
  6. avanti

    Boosting wifi signal, about 200 meters...

    I have two houses, no.1 has internet, no.2 doesn't, its about 200 meters between them, an open field, no obstacles. Is it even possible to extend the signal from house 1 to house 2? Since house no. 2 is more of a guest house that isn't used that often I was hoping to not have to get a second...
  7. avanti

    I'm back! Terminator Genisys

  8. avanti

    Building a super-compact video-editing desktop computer

    My computer is too slow to edit HD video so I'm gonna build a new one. Since I travel a lot I want to build something small that I can carry-on and just hook up to a monitor when I get to my destination. I don't want to buy a laptop that will be outdated in 6 months. I want to use the Cooler...
  9. avanti

    Belgian waffles!

    I love Belgian waffles, so I am looking to get a good waffle iron. Any recommendations, which are the best makers? Preferably it should make 4 waffles at the time, other than that I don't have many requirement. I've found these so far...
  10. avanti

    EPL 2014/15 - The English Premier League Thread

    Just a few weeks left until the 14/15 season, lets start the new thread with the surprise signing of the season, I am ecstatic!! :o:woot::bow::thumbsup:
  11. avanti

    Mitsubishi Galant, as good as a Toyota?

    I am abroad for 6-7 months and I'm looking for a car. Found a very nice looking 1996 Galant and I'm wondering if there is any reason not to buy it. 2.0 V6, automatic, 163.000km and full service history, very well maintained.
  12. avanti

    Porsche racing pictures wanted!

    I need some help finding relatively high res pictures of any Porsche race car with the number "60", so far I've come up short... :(
  13. avanti

    A Million Ways To Die In The West

  14. avanti

    Fiat agrees to buy up rest of Chrysler :thumbsup:
  15. avanti

    "Kung Fury", support what will possibly be the greatest film ever!

    Kickstarter campaign: :thumbup:
  16. avanti

    "Running on Empty" and other Australian car movies

    I would like to get recommendations on movies in the same genre as the above mentioned one. 60s-80s movies where cars and car culture play the main part. :burnrubber:
  17. avanti


    New Schwarzenegger movie coming in the spring, looks like a must see!
  18. avanti

    "True Detective" on HBO, Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson

    Really looking forward to this!
  19. avanti

    Ownership Verified: The turbocharged rear wheel drive Swedish luxury sedan!

    I give you the pinnacle of Swedish engineering, in 1991, the Volvo 960! - 2.0 16V Turbo, 190hp, rwd, 4-speed manual with overdrive. - 1 previous owner, 200.000km/125.000miles. - Rust free, close to perfect interior.
  20. avanti

    Recommend a (big) monitor..

    I am looking to get a new monitor, it should be at least 27" but bigger is always better... Main use will be "office" work, some video editing and most importantly lots of movie-watching. I will get it from e-price: Would...