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  1. Zesty

    Why it suck to have a modified car in Australia

    Depends on the part of Australia you go to. My area is basically dreary grey England with a slightly hotter summer.... and possibly even more chavs/bogans/rednecks, if that is even possible. We also have glorious tumbling down abandoned factories and homeless folk wandering the CBD ranting about...
  2. Zesty

    What little foibles do yo have aka the How OCD Are You? Thread

    I'm exactly the same, yet as a child I couldn't go to sleep unless my door was slightly ajar. This wasn't a parental rule or anything like that, it was just what I wanted. I guess it's not really an OCD thing though, as it does help to reduce the noise made by others moving about the house...
  3. Zesty

    Cool Videos

    Well well, that's rather unfortunate.... but hilarious. :lmao:
  4. Zesty

    he-he is going into Hospital [UPDATE: All good!]

    Fantastic news and welcome back! :wave:
  5. Zesty

    The "What the Bloody Fuckintosh?" Thread

    That's actually really quite scary, actually. Placebo effect at its ugliest. I say this knowing that migraines are serious business, and knowing people who suffer from them badly (friends etc) I also realise why they may be prepared to do anything to relieve the agony. Even far more 'normal'...
  6. Zesty

    Random Thoughts....

    We have people dump rubbish in our bins sometimes because we're diligent enough to put them out the night before collection rather than rushing out at the last minute as the rubbish truck trundling down the street. Ours neighbours over the road recently had one of their adult sons move back in...
  7. Zesty

    Stupid Driver Stories

    My mother is very similar, drives with the speedo needle right on the number despite copious evidence that it is quite optimistic. Not even a GPS calculation clearly showing she's only doing 55km/h when the speedo says 60 km/h has convinced her to turn it up just a little bit. She thinks...
  8. Zesty

    2012 Formula 1 Season Thread

    I'm guessing it's just one of those things, LH has always been at McLaren its an association that people always have. Like Senna and McLaren became synonymous in the late 80's / early 90's. To have that change requires a dramatic change in association, and therefore, picturing him going...
  9. Zesty

    Random Thoughts....

    On my desk right now I have: my computer (duh) my phone my camera the box my camera came in, used to store its leads and whatnot several pieces of paper I've scribbled on all over for no reason and my headphones I think I'm going okay here, then!
  10. Zesty

    Why it suck to have a modified car in Australia

    Police around my area have gone a big crackdown against vehicles that are too noisy. My neighbour got slapped with a notice to change the exhausts on his Harley because they were 'too loud'. This is a bike which gets started up at 6:15am every weekday just a wall and a driveway away from my...
  11. Zesty

    Obituaries Notable people that have passed

    I actually thought Borgnine had left us some years ago. Anyway, at least the Poseidon Adventure was a pretty good film, far far better than the shitty remake anyway! R.I.P. :-(
  12. Zesty

    2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix

    Can't say I was expecting a Webber victory at all here, must say I was pleasantly surprised. Also happy to see Ferrari developing some consistency, even Massa is getting there. Atta boy! :mrgreen: McLaren though...oh dear oh dear and Maldonado...well I'm not fond of him, that much is true, and...
  13. Zesty

    2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix

    I would also love to see Schumi win again. If even just to show those nay-sayers that the old bloke can still make the rest of the grid look like rookies. Many people gave up on him far too soon, imo.
  14. Zesty

    Herpaderp and general screw-ups thread

    Went to hang the vacuum cleaner on its hook in the back hallway after I'd finished using it. Reached up with it and let go, but I'd missed the hook entirely and narrowly missed dropping the surprisingly heavy unit straight into my face. It did catch my shoulder on the way down instead, might...
  15. Zesty

    Awesome Thread

    Saw that on the afternoon news here. What a freaking psycho. :blink:
  16. Zesty

    Random Thoughts....

    I just tried meat-pie flavoured chips (crisps for Ukanians). Did not like. Meh.
  17. Zesty

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    My trashy neighbour just got back from Thailand and proudly announced to me that she had a breast enlargement and went to a club with her friends, where naked women came out and shot ping balls out into the crowd from their...yeah. It annoys me that she felt I absolutely had to know this for...
  18. Zesty

    Random Thoughts....

    My internet connection is slow as molasses today and we're not even over our limit. Hmm. Also I have a stonking great headache for pretty much no reason. Couldn't it have waited until a night when I'm not going out? Hopefully a nice steak will cure it.
  19. Zesty

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Anyone would look like a tool in that thing, the proportions are just so awkward, especially with the roof down. That said, I don' think it looks much better with the roof up. Such a pointless vehicle.
  20. Zesty

    Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

    :stares: Huh dat's purty... :derp: I love the fact that it shows the evolution of the steering wheels and cylinders as well as the car's overall shape. Very cool! :thumbup: