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    2010 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix

    hopefully i'll get this in time. does anyone know where i can stream the race? thanks in advance!
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    2008 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

    taken from turn 16 McMerc ftw!
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    2008 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

    hahaha anyway, superb race all alonso ran great and deserves his win re: Coulthard, thanks for making the gap between hamilton and alonso that much bigger! u doofus Drivers' Points Leader!: Hamilton!!!!! Constructor's Points Leader!: McMERC!!!
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    2008 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

    might i say that the real experience was nothing that i had expected! the noisE! the smell of brake pads! oh my was it ecstatic! anyway, what got me was that besides the awe-striking shriek of the engines, what got my attention of the raw power was the downshifts, the backfires followed by the...
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    4 Fast 4 Furious: The return of the Diesel [crank] Walker

    as a subie owner, i shout SACRILEGE!!! a decent 08 sti turned into a crappy ass car... shite
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    For all of you that want to own a Benz..

    i had a 95 e320 and at MB of san francisco, service was always done within a day and is about the same price as a gas station service center. so i don't know of exorbitant pricing
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    [10x04] November 4th, 2007

    the attack as in the hippo attack?
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    I love Jaguar, but Jaguar dissagrees.

    looks like a buick
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    Best engine idle sound?

    i keep thinking the engines are drowning in water whenever i hear an american v8 (no, not flaming americans)
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    Calling WRXperts

    i'm partial to the hawkeye imprezas :P coz i have a 1.6i
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    Calling WRXperts

    the EJ 20s are capable of accepting more boost than the EJ25 engines. so if ur dad likes to come out with 450whp, then go for the 2.0. and yes, the EJ25 was built primarily for emissions reasons, the current 07 JDM STis still use the EJ20.
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    Best engine idle sound?

    slr v8 or a toyota prius!
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    Buying a car in LA & (Power to $ Ratio)

    mini works or the golf gti by abt. (used of course, even certified pre-owned) how abt that?
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    Running Hotter Spark Plugs

    colder COLDER spark plugs help improve power...
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    When will the jokes stop.....

    get an octavia 3.0l tdi. you'll understand :)
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    ABS: from Dunlop Maxaret to a 1.6 kg blackbox

    i smell a science fair winner!
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    Question regarding CAIs

    subbie 1.6i (TS) have been thinking out loud, and a couple of subbie bros told me that the preferred setup is a cold air scoop w/ flexible tubing hooked up straight to the airbox, hence having cold air (and ram air at hi speed). the flexible tubing is heat resistant silicone, so i'm good...
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    RSX driver hits a Mercedes and runs, pwnage ensues.

    Watto, superb 944 engine bay!
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    Mythbusters attempt to beat the Speedtrap; Failure Ensues

    plus it's the epitomy of straight 6 engine noise! (e46 m3's, eat ur hearts out)