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  1. Fairlady

    Ownership Verified: Fairlady's beflowered crisismobile.

    Well, since recently I have been forced to step one down on the social ladder, and have been needing something to get my freeloading ass to and from work without me having to spend my entire minimum wage paycheck on getting-to-work bills, I pondered for a while and decided that if it can't be...
  2. Fairlady

    '07 Toyota Hilux, yo!

    So i decided to post my (parents') car. If you can read, you'll already know that the car spoken of is a 200 and 7 Toyota Hilux. It's a pick-up truck that our family got 3 years ago (duh) for working purposes and such. The photos (crap ones anyways): As you can see, it's in silver, and very...