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    Mock your car using its name

    I have a 1996 Renault 19. Got to thinking and I decided the 19 was for the number of seconds it takes to 100 kph
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    2018 Singapore Snooze Fest

    Boring. Nuff said.
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    Worst single part catastrophic failure?

    So, what's the single part which would cause most damage to a car if it fails? My candidate is the timing belt, specially if it happens at high speed.
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    2017 Malaysian Grand Prix

    So, Fernando Alonso in a McLaren Honda set faster times in both P1 and P2 than both Mercedes. They should give him 5 points just cos of that.
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    2017 Belgian Grand Prix

    Different vibe for the art in Ferrari's facebook this time.
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    2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

    So a Ferrari front row, now let's see if that translates into race wins for either of them. Would like to see Kimi getting closer to the title race, the season is not over. Also what's wrong with Massa, ear infection? Hope Paul di Resta can put a better performance than Badoer or Button.
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    2017 Austrian Grand Prix

    Sooo Bottas won. Anything else? That Kvyat incident, just... ugh.
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    2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

    Let's get this rolling...
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    2017 Canadian Grand Prix

    The Formula 1 YouTube channel is putting up some nice little snippets and clips before the races, if you haven't I suggest you go check it out.
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    2017 Monaco Grand Prix/Indy 500

    I think this year there will be a record year for people watching the Indy 500, at least internationally. Anyway, on to the Monaco GP. Free practices were all over the place and tomorrow's all important pole could be anyone's.
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    2017 Spanish Grand Prix

    Ol?! What a qualifying from Alonso in that bucket. Has there ever been two team mates more unmatched? Not to put Vandoorne down but they're in two different leagues... Mixed up at the front, we'll see how tomorrow goes, anything can happen.
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    2017 Russian Grand Prix

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    2017 Bahrain Grand Prix

    Ferrari at it again. I'm glad there's a talented artist somewhere getting paid for doing this:
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    2017 Chinese Grand Prix

    I gotta say... this is one of the most badass things Ferrari has put out in recent years. Ladies and Gentlemen!
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    2017 Formula One silly season thread

    #1 candidate to replace Rosberg so far is Bottas, but Williams is said to have rejected the bid (read as: please give us more money or a bigger discount on engines cos we are struggling m8) Gutierrez seems to be sacked cos lack of points. Any other rumours going around?
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    2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    3 laps to go, championship on the line, no thread. Kinda shows how boring they've managed to make F1 huh? Dunno why they're playing Vettel's chances up so hard. Anyone can see he's no threat to the Mercs, those "flying tyres" are gone.
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    2016 German Grand Prix

    Creating thread after race is over... sign of the times. What can one expect when the leader of a GP is shown on TV for the first two laps and the last two? This is so boring. Thank you Rosberg for gifting the ham sandwich another championship. Mediocre performance from Ferrari, lost the 2nd...
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    2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

    Well how exciting, no race thread until the race is already started.... But, what a start! Great racing :w00t:
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    Pok?mon Go!

    So, everyone and their grandmothers are going out with their smartphones trying to catch virtual pets and force them to fight, and having accidents/wandering into dangerous parts of town in the process. Anyone playing this?
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    2016 British Grand Prix

    Couple drops on the track, bring out the safety car start. Can we let these drivers, the best in the world, display their skills for once??