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  1. melbournian

    V8 Supercars Norton 360 Challenge photos (no 56k)

    Thought I would share my photos from the weekend...three days of racing! I had never attended a whole race weekend from start to finish before. Report in the V8 Supercars thread. The rest of the photos are here. Enjoy!
  2. melbournian

    Wireless router has no wireless

    Hey dudes, need some help with my wireless's a Netgear job, maybe three years old, one of the common ones (sorry I'm in bed and not getting out til tomorrow morning now). Usually it gives quite a strong signal and sitting downstairs from our office I can get a strong signal, but the...
  3. melbournian

    Recommend my boyfriend a car...

    ...or, more accurately, a realistically hireable four seater convertible which he can drive across the southern states of the USA (namely from Florida to LA). He needs reasonable space for two people to put luggage, and his budget is not a huge amount (so no Rolls Royce Drophead Coupes). I know...
  4. melbournian

    My Car(dis)

    This is my beloved 2003 Honda Jazz which has served me faithfully for the past five years. It's called the Cardis because it's blue and boxy and bigger on the inside (I'm working on the travelling through time and space bit. At the moment it travels forwards through time at the rate of one...
  5. melbournian

    Parlate Italiano?

    Completely random, but I found an interview with Steve Pizzati on SBS radio - it's in Italian though. I studied Italian at university for a couple of years but have forgotten most of it so I'm going to use this as a studying aid - so far I understand that he loves cars :roll:...the link is at...