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  1. Blind_Io

    Rant: Stop trying to "F1" MotoGP.

    Yes, I just verbed "F1". I don't know if "Verb" can be made into a verb, but I just did that too. <rant> Auto journalists, I get that you love F1, but when asked to cover MotoGP, please stop trying to make it into F1. It's not F1, and we don't want it to be F1. Half the time I read an...
  2. Blind_Io

    2020 Land Rover Defender - or why I don't trust sensors off road

    Some call me a Luddite or old fashioned because my preference is for mechanical shift linkages, locking diffs, and articulation to get around off road. I inherently distrust air suspension, electronics, and sensors. The new Defender has been criticized by off road purists for the 18" rims...
  3. Blind_Io

    "I should buy an Alfa." Alfa BAT concepts going up for aucion.
  4. Blind_Io

    Takata made seat belts might be the next recall. From our very own Stef Schrader. Cliff's Notes: Takata seatbelts may have problems with the webbing, this wasn't discovered until their factory was purchased as they went through bankruptcy. The new owner of the...
  5. Blind_Io

    Renault adds to electric car range with sportier model
  6. Blind_Io

    Multistrada V4 begins production, to be unveiled 4 Nov. 2020

    "How do we make a Multistrada more expensive and complicated?" "Audis have radar..."
  7. Blind_Io

    Former UAW President pleads guilty to embezzlement charges.
  8. Blind_Io

    Ferrari Roma More photos at the above link I honestly think this is the best looking Ferrari in a long time, and the first one in decades I'd actually be interested in owning - not that I could with a...
  9. Blind_Io

    Auto industry runs ads claiming Right to Repair laws benefit (draws from Cards Against Humanity deck)... Sexual Predators.
  10. Blind_Io

    Spyker back from the dead with Russian money.
  11. Blind_Io

    Hertz sued for having customers falsely arrested for "stealing" rentals.
  12. Blind_Io

    Car features as a subscription service are coming.

    Heated seats as a service? BMW wants to sell car features on demand
  13. Blind_Io

    "I'm not speeding, I'm just flying low" The Automotive Aviation Easter Egg thread.

    Sometimes it specific styling details or maybe just a general aesthetic; car design has echoed aviation since man first took to the air. Here'a a thread to explore some of the design elements linking driving and flying. From the post that started it: Detail of the 1960 Cadillac Eldorado tail...
  14. Blind_Io

    The Homologation Thread

    A thread to celebrate the most bonkers, beautiful, and bat-shit crazy beasts built for the street but intended for the track: The Homologation Special. You can love them for any reason, styling, wins, technology, or just because they are insanity on wheels that you could have actually purchased...
  15. Blind_Io

    3-Car Garage: Restromod edition.

    What is your three car garage if every vehicle had to be at least 25 years old - but updated by a professional shop with modern technology like engine management systems, brakes, suspension, stereo, and AC. All vehicles will need to keep the look and feel of the original aside from minor...
  16. Blind_Io

    New patent from Ford sheds light on Bronco future. Ford has patented a system to maintain the structure of a vehicle during a crash if it is being driven with no doors. A metal ram would "close" the open door gap to help strengthen...
  17. Blind_Io

    Rumor: Kia wants a Land Cruiser competitor in Australia Sounds like they are going after the Prado, which is more 4Runner than it is Land Cruiser. I doubt that Kia will challenge the 200-series Land Cruiser any time soon, but there might be some market available in the lighter...
  18. Blind_Io

    "James May ‘won’t do The Grand Tour much longer’ as he fears his body is ‘falling apart’"

    It's probably gossip rag bullshit, but never the less:
  19. Blind_Io

    Ireland considering legislation to ban all new petrol and diesel car sales by 2030. Pretty ambitious, we are pushing forward with EV technology, but to do this in 10 years would be a significant push.
  20. Blind_Io

    Least "Angry" Cars

    I was listening to RCR's latest video about angry and aggressive styling, even the current generation RAV4 has the angry look. It got me thinking about which cars currently or until recently had friendly or approachable looks. The previous MX-5 has one of the happiest "faces" I've seen in a...