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  1. McRae

    Alfa Romeo to dump front-drive hatches for rear-drive saloons

    Source: Car Magazine I can live with the SUV-bullshit if the rest is true, even though they seem to be leaving the european market behind.
  2. McRae

    Skoda Superb "facelift" They've ruined it...Rear lights from a GranTurismo doesn't help. EDIT: The estate still looks decent though.
  3. McRae

    Ford Ecosport SUV gets UK green light

    Beware, humans of Ingurland. Shit just got real: Source: Whatcar Speaks for itself, really...
  4. McRae

    Audi Q3 RS concept revealed This thing'll probably cost a trazillion pounds if it gets made. Stupid car. Nice engine though...
  5. McRae

    Forbes: The Worst-Built Cars For 2012

    1. Cadillac Escalade 2. Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid 3. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4. Dodge Nitro SLT 5. Chrysler Town & Country 6. Mercedes Benz S500 7. Chevrolet Aveo 8. Chevrolet Colorado 9. Nissan Titan 10. Jeep Liberty 11. Smart Fortwo Source...
  6. McRae

    Dacia Duster for less than ?10,000

    From WhatCar: I read James May's review of it, where he'd driven it in Morocco, and I instantly fell in love with it. Sort of.
  7. McRae

    Ford Focus ST makes its debut I'm not totally convinced by the look of the front, but apart from that the Wagon is so much want. We even get to buy it without PowerShift!
  8. McRae

    Audi developing Q6 to compete with BMW X6

    Oh no... Source: BMW Blog
  9. McRae

    BMW Z2 comes back to focus

    Source: BMW Blog I thought the Z4 was small! ...and what's up with that 1-series GT?! Are they going to be competing with Ford C-Max?
  10. McRae

    New Audi A9 guns for Panamera I thought the A7 "gunned" for the Panamera. Apparently not...
  11. McRae

    Audi S1 - 4WD and 270hp

    Taken from Auto Motor & Sport Sweden: do these funny words and sentences mean? What they are saying is, that - as many of us know - Audi decided not to use the 'S1' term for their A1 1.4 TFSI 185hp, primarily because it won't be 4WD. However, an even stronger version should be...
  12. McRae

    Going to Nordkapp. Roads to visit?

    Me and a friend have decided to do a road-trip this summer, taking us to the northern-most part of Europe. We have already planned a route that takes us to places that we would like to visit, including: Preikestolen/Lysefjord Trollstigen Kystriksvei 17 Lofoten Here it is: If some of you...