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  1. Sevs753

    Ownership Verified: Truck life! 2004 GMC Yukon

    So after my first year of owning a house, and the prelude developing more problems, I decided i need something more practical. At first i was looking at things like crossovers so I could pull my jetski, but I decided that if i was going to get something big, I would go all the way. This started...
  2. Sevs753

    I found an Alfa Romeo specialty shop in Metro Detroit!

    I was headed to my uncles house today when I noticed a shop that had an Alfa Romeo out front. Then i saw another one next to it. Then another! Then I realized that just about every car there was an Alfa. Then i noticed there were many more at the empty store front two doors down! I had to turn...
  3. Sevs753

    Michigan86 Spring Meet and Cruise

    Yesterday, Michigan86, the Michigan FRS/BRZ owners club had our spring meet and back roads cruise. We had a pretty large turnout. That proved to be a more a curse than a blessing during cruise. We ended up getting separated by other traffic and others not knowing the route. It was still a lot of...
  4. Sevs753

    Mix different brake pad compounds front to back

    So I'm trying to get the Miata ready for the track this year and I want to get brake pads that are better and more fade-resistant than the regular Autozone pads. I've been looking at EBC Yellowstuff pads but it's a bit expensive for a complete set. My question is, would it be a bad idea to get...
  5. Sevs753

    Looking for TV Shows in Finnish suitable for a beginner

    My friend is trying to learn Finnish and he is looking for some TV shows to help him learn/practice. It doesn't matter if they are kids shows or foreign shows that are dubbed, as long as the language used is simple and suitable for a beginner. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Sevs753

    Ownership Verified: '94 'Track Day Bro!' Mazda Miata

    Well, I bought a third car. I was originally trying to buy an AW11 MR2 but the seller was dragging his feet on getting a new title (old one was damaged) that I started looking at other cars. The yesterday, my friend sent me a listing for this Miata and I decided why not. The body is rusty but...
  7. Sevs753

    Spied: BRZ/FRS/GT86 Facelifted spotted in Europe

    The facelifted version has been spotted. Looks like it has a new front bumper design, new spoiler (want!) and new taillights. No word on under-the-hood changes but I think it's unlikely since this is just a facelift, not a new generation. I will be buying that spoiler if it makes...
  8. Sevs753

    TV: Supergirl (2015)

    First Look "trailer": The pilot also leaked today. Being a big fan of both The Flash and Arrow, I was interested in this show after hearing about it. After watching the pilot today, I'm definitely interested in watching the full series when it airs...
  9. Sevs753

    What to do/Where to go in L.A?

    I'm going to be headed out to Los Angeles from Feb 4th-8th to visit my sister and I'm at a bit of a loss for exactly what do do. I'm already going to be hitting In N Out (several times), LegoLand and possibly the Carlsbad or new Irvine Cars and Coffee events. I'm also going to be going to the...
  10. Sevs753

    Making a hallow carbon fiber item from a mold

    So next year, i'm going to be undertaking a project making something out of carbon fiber. It's going to be thick enough that making it solid is not going to be easy or cheap. Is there a way that i can make the entire piece at once but have it hallow? or would it be easier to make the top half...
  11. Sevs753

    Forza 5 Photothread

    Like previous games before, post photos here!
  12. Sevs753

    97 Camaro z/28 clutch pedal stuck up

    My friend has a 97 Camaro z/28 and his having issues with the clutch. Yesterday, he said that he was coming to a stop, pushed the clutch in to shift to neutral and heard something go 'clunk' when he released it. After that, he couldn't press the pedal down anymore. He said it feels like a rock...
  13. Sevs753

    FinalGear License Plate frames

    In addition to the FG vinyls, I think a FinalGear license plate frame would be cool. Nothing fancy, just a black frame with the final gear logo on the bottom. I don't know of how we would get them created but I'm open to suggestions. Also, the different size license plates around the world...
  14. Sevs753

    How to raise a spoiler via microcontroller

    So I'm working with a friend on an airbrake for his car. I don't think it would be useful for his driving but the nerd in me wants to make an airbrake. I have pretty much everything figured out except what I need to use to raise the spoiler. I've heard mention of using a "pneumatic actuator" but...
  15. Sevs753

    Jetski fouling spark plugs within minutes

    My neighbor has a jetski from the '90's this is fouling spark plugs within minutes. He said that he can't even get to open water before the plugs are fouled. The engine is a 2stroke 2 cylinder engine. The gas and oil have their own separate tanks. One thing he did say is that a while ago, he was...
  16. Sevs753

    Detroit files for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

    Can't say I'm surprised. Maybe now we can rebuild the city right. I can't help but wonder how it will affect me, seeing as I work in the Rencen. Sources:
  17. Sevs753

    Photos by sevs753

    I figured I would follow in thomas and Andeh's footsteps and make a thread for all my photos. Currently, I have a Nikon P7000 camera. It's not terrible but it's not great either. I'm working on getting better at shot composition, editing, etc before I drop big money on a DSLR and lenses...
  18. Sevs753

    Ownership Verified: sevs753's 2013 Subaru BRZ

    I finally bought my first new car. A 2013 Subaru BRZ Premium in Galaxy Blue Silica. Words can not express how much in love I am with this car. It's a blast to drive even within legal speeds. I still have the Prelude. I'm planning on keeping it for winter use. Planned mods are slightly lowered...
  19. Sevs753

    FinalGear Michigan meet at the Detroit Autoshow

    The North American International Auto Show is coming up so I think it would be a good time for us midwestern FGers to meet up and see the show. Planning on attending the Auto Show in the afternoon of Saturday January, 19th If we have the viper by then, we can even take it to the usual...
  20. Sevs753

    Michigan Mega Meet 2012

    The first Michigan Mega Meet was this past week. Took many pictures but only a few were good.