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  1. kunedog

    Violence vs. Free Speech

    New separate thread because it's not so random anymore (and really never was). The site of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement (i.e. Berkeley) has become the latest and most violent leftist protest of Milo Yiannopoulos' speaking tour of college campuses...
  2. kunedog

    Toyota Found Negligent in Uninteded Acceleration Lawsuit,0,7844943,full.story A private firm of experts found that Toyota's software engineering did not rise to the level of...
  3. kunedog

    Large Group of Bikers Forcibly Stop Range Rover, which then Plows through Them

    1) Biker veers directly at SUV, then moves in front of it and hits the brakes. Everyone stops with a few bikers directly blocking SUV. 2) Police say bikers start attacking the vehicle and trying to get in (that's what it looks like to me). 3) SUV driver floors it, running over the blocking...