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    Matt LeBlanc leaving Top Gear

    Well, this is interesting
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    Top Gear Car Models

    Not sure if this has been posted anywhere on here; I did a search and found nothing. I found a notice in my email from car model site Grandprixlegends about a new Top Gear range, from Minichamps; check it out below, especially the one with the Stig...
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    Angels and Airwaves Just listen... Pretty good song I think. :)
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    Chuck Norris
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    Here are the pages about Top Gear on Wikipedia Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson: James May: Richard Hammond: The Stig...
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    Maserati MC12 and Renault F1

    Which episode had the Stig taking a lap around the track with the MC12? Was it even aired? Ive looked for it, but can't find it. Also, which episode had the Stig take the Renault F1 car around the track? Episode numbers or air dates would be appreciated. Thanks I absolutely love the site btw...