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    First time ever playing iRacing.

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    A couple of my racing videos.

    Just a few videos of me trying to race in GT5. Using a regular controller. Any suggestions or feedback on my "driving" style would be appreciated.
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    Revisiting the past; buying my first car again.

    The first ever car I owned was a 1989 Ford Probe GT. It was rad. Originally intended to be the next generation of Mustang, the Probe had to have a top of the line model. It needed a Mustang GT. Enter the Probe GT. A turbocharged 2.2 liter 4 cylinder producing 145hp and 190ft/lbs of torque made...
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    No 56k: So I got a Miata...

    It all started with Gran Turismo. Not Gran Turismo 5, or 4, or even 2 but the original GT. My brother and I played that game for years. We still battle it out every now and then on GT5 just to see who's still got it (me). Anyway, as everyone knows you don't start out with much cash so if you...
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    No 56k: My 1929 Ford Model A

    My dad was in a vehicle graveyard looking for a grill for my brother's rat rod (story for another thread) and saw this Model A. He offered to trade the guy two cars (a 1973 Mustang and a AMC Rambler...dont worry, they weren't valuable) plus some engines for it. The guy agreed, dropped it of, and...
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    Unveiled: Lexus HS250h

    - This car is going to sell and sell well.