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  1. Matt2000

    CNC Machines

    Alright then, don't think we have a thread on these but I'm sure some people have experience with one. Pretty much anything CNC goes, apart from 3D printers which have their own thread. If nothing else I'll post my progress with my small machine here. More than a year ago I bought a 3018 CNC...
  2. Matt2000

    Cleaning Something Up - Matt2000's Childhood Vacuum Cleaner Obsession Comes to 2020

    I've decided that I don't give a fuck if you all think I'm a massive nerd for liking vacuums as a kid, I was just interested in physics before my time... As a child I used to be scared that my mother would run my feet over with the vacuum we had but somehow at the same time I was fascinated by...
  3. Matt2000

    Ownership Verified: Plug Me In, Daddy - Another Tesla Model 3 Performance

    These things are ten a penny now, common as horse shit... I'll get a proof pic tomorrow. It was tempting to put this off but I can't get any better pictures at the minute and I'm too excited to wait. This was delivered today, two weeks after I should've originally been collecting it from...
  4. Matt2000

    The Outer Worlds

    Didn't think this deserved to get buried in the Random Thoughts thread. I just started playing this yesterday and so far it's fantastic. A bit of back info for those who might not know anything about it. Announcement Trailer: Gameplay Trailer: Launch trailer: Metacritic Page It's...
  5. Matt2000

    Horizon 4 Photothread

    I know barely anyone plays Forza here any more but why not have a photo thread anyway. It's a shame that the standard photos are still 1920x1080 when downloaded from the online gallery, it occurred to me that because I have OBS set up to record in 4k at the touch of a button it was easier to...
  6. Matt2000

    Testing if I can post anything yet

    Are my posts still being blocked? Do any moderators come on this forum any more? Edit: How about a single edit?
  7. Matt2000

    Forza Horizon 4

    Well, the first details are out. I for one am chuffed to bits that it's based here, we only need a new GTA London and I'll be fully satisfied and can give up gaming forever. Or something. E3 trailer: E3 Demo: Who says nothing good comes from E3? The map is obviously the UK but appears to...
  8. Matt2000

    Someone Else's Problem: One for the other foot? A French Impostor? - 2005 Smart Roadster Coupé

    Not content to let Loose_damnit have all the fun with early 2000s leaky 'good idea at the time' soft tops, I went out and got myself one of the smallest convertible sports cars ever built, breaking my record of only owning Land Rovers in the process. At just a whiff over 13cm longer than the old...
  9. Matt2000

    Forza 7 Photo/Video Thread

    As previously, photos and videos from the game go here. Combined thread because there's no need for separate ones. :) I'm very pleased to have my Angry Alfa back. Shame the headlights aren't painted any more. I've also been messing around in the rain. Finally I noticed something odd at...
  10. Matt2000

    [24x05] April 2nd, 2017 - Hammer time

    I've never done this before, I'm worried I might mess it up. The return of Grandpa Eddie and another appearance of Auntie Sabine, for better or worse. Frankly if it wasn't King of The Hammers I would've turned it off. I can't say I'm looking forward to them dragging this out but we will see...
  11. Matt2000

    Ownership Verified: I'll have some off - 1990 Land Rover Discovery Bobtail

    Update: This thread was completely lacking any introduction so here we go. Back in early 2017 Keely was properly broken and a familiar truck showed up on eBay, one that had been built a number of years previous by a friend in a local off road club. I had always watched it at events and admired...
  12. Matt2000

    Horizon 3 Photothread

    We should probably have one of these. I grabbed some of my favourite cars, not as good as the ones nocturnal posted in the other thread though. 200mph LM002 Torana - I prefer it to the XB falcon as my fantasy Mad Max car XB Falcon with supercharger, naturally Old faithful Datsun Z
  13. Matt2000

    Meanwhile, in the Far East

    There is some strange stuff going on in the Far East, much like in Australia in that other thread. Not all of it suits the 'WTF Japan' thread (which seems to mostly be NSFW) though so here's one for other stuff from Japan and other eastern countries. I'll start with a repost of the fake food...
  14. Matt2000

    Santa Pod 'Main Event' - May 2016

    I received an invitation on Friday to meet up with MWF, his son and Flat Pack Dan at Santa Pod. Since it's only 25 miles away and I haven't been for years, how could I refuse? Apparently my panning skills have become rather rusty since I last did this kind of thing, frankly I'm disappointed...
  15. Matt2000

    3D Printing

    OK so I've been meaning to start this thread for weeks but I wanted to get together some of the stuff I have been doing, so it just didn't happen. This thread is for 3D printing, home or industrial. I'll start off with my own 3D printer, owned since December last year. What is it? It's a CTC...
  16. Matt2000

    Forza 6 Video Thread

    We don't have a thread for videos either. I decided to just do a lap of the 'Ring at night in my GMC van for shits and giggles.
  17. Matt2000

    Forza 6 DLC

    No point using the old announcement thread still so here's a new one, simply to say that they must be shitting us.
  18. Matt2000

    Matt2k's ?500 Banger Watch Graveyard

    Cross post to the 2016 UK roadtrip planning thread, but as to not cram it full of crap I've started this for me to post the random heaps I find while skimming the internet for suitable bangers. You will then tell me I'm insane, and as such lets start with an old Jag: 1994 XJ6 Gold...
  19. Matt2000

    Our GTA V Videos

    Other than the A.I. challenge, I haven't seen any videos made by us. Maybe they just got lost in the main thread, so I thought I'd start this as a place to stick our videos so they don't get lost. To start, I've been playing with the pedestrians riot mod in single player and recorded some...
  20. Matt2000

    Someone Else's Problem: Lunacy and Eternal Optimism part II - 2001 Disco 2 V8

    Originally planned to keep this a secret until I had a proof pic tomorrow but I can't manage it. Even MWF doesn't know about this, I wonder what his reaction will be. :P Around a month ago I was considering the options with Keely my 1994 Disco 1 with regards to Ringmeet and Roadtrip, with the...