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    LS3 Hot start issue

    For about a year and a half the engine when heat soaked after a drive has a good knock like a diesel. After the initial start everything is fine on a cold start it sounds like a 6.2 liter V8 should. I have also had blackstone do an oil analysis after every change with the latest analysis coming...
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    Ownership Verified: 2016 Chevy (Holden) SS (Commodore)

    Traded this, never bothered to make a thread about it, 2011 Jaguar XFR In on this Some comparisons between the two Obviously one cost 82k new and one was 49k new, fit and finish on the Holden is not as good as the Jag mainly the little details the clasp on the center console lid, fuel...
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    Top Gear US Season Premier

    The episode is on at 9 eastern next Thursday the ninth, and is titled the "Flying Wig". So I am assuming they are doing what the other guys did a while ago with wigs and convertibles? Here is the link to the episode...
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    Change to the way posts are quoted

    Not sure if this has been brought up before but I am a member of another forum that has done this. When you quote someone you also quote the people that have quoted them previsouly. Normally this is not a problem but it can get out of hand extremelly fast just look at the Veyron thread in the...
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    2006 Z06

    I am amazed this hasnt been posted here yet, thought about putting it in the scoops thread but I thought it might over run the thread. This is not bullshit either. The word on various sites is GM actually let these photos slip on purpose unlike the last ones where they left them up on a...
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    SRT-10 to be on Top Gear

    I know about the other thread and I thought it was getting away from the main topic so I started this thread, taken from the vca site: "At last, filmed on the track last week for a show going out in late October, they used a black Chrysler viper (Dodge import not a euro car) which was given a...