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  1. TopGearJB007

    Mini challenges Porsche to race at Road Atlanta

    ...and Mini didn't use the John Cooper Works why...? They might not have won, but it sure as hell would have given them a better chance.
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    What do you think of Schumacher?

    In my opinion, I think he feels the urge to win (obviously,) and he is trying way too hard to be his old self RIGHT NOW. His urgency is causing him to make major mistakes that are hurting him. I think he needs to calm down, get used to the feel of the new F1 cars, and let his mojo come back to...
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    The F1 Image Caption Thread

    "We are two WILD AND CRAZY GUYS!"
  4. TopGearJB007

    What do you think of Schumacher?

    I wouldn't doubt it cause he was in 3rd at one point.
  5. TopGearJB007

    What do you think of Schumacher?

    Getting booted in Round 2 of qualifying? Starting 13th position? Sloppy driving? Finishing 11th? I give up. Schumi's lost it. You should have seen me when he was in 3rd though. I was bouncing off the walls.
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    The F1 Image Caption Thread

    I can't think of one now.
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    What do you think of Schumacher?

    I wonder if beating Nico Rosberg was pure skill, luck, or Rosberg just having a bad weekend. I'm betting on a little of all of them.
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    What do you think of Schumacher?

    Michael Schumacher, as we all know, hasn't been up to par so far this season except for Spain where I think he did well. I think Spain was only the beginning for him this season. He won't be 8- time champion, but I think he may be able to pull off a few wins. What do you think of Schumacher...
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    Official: 'Top Gear' coming to History this fall

    So, what exactly happened to Prius boy?
  10. TopGearJB007

    Official: 'Top Gear' coming to History this fall

    I'm pumped for Top Gear US. There's just one thing I demand from them. They need to use "Jessica" as the theme song. A different version from the TGUK one. :)
  11. TopGearJB007

    Official: 'Top Gear' coming to History this fall

    Is Andy Wilman involved at all? If not, then I'm a little worried. Is episode 1 going to be the one with Carolla and Stromer?
  12. TopGearJB007

    McLaren boss says Top Gear race fixed He's just mad cause his car lost! :P EDIT: Sorry. Just saw the other post about this. Here come the neg reps and infractions all for an honest mistake.
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    Do not turn on your PS3's

    I was on my PS3 last night. I tried to log on to PSN, but it wouldn't work. I changed the time manually, and then turned the system off. Didn't really think anything of it. I didn't play any games. It's good to know that it wasn't just me.
  14. TopGearJB007

    Adam Carolla says Top Gear America is back ON!!!!!!

    This should be interesting. I needed something to fill the hole in my T.V. schedule left by American Chopper. I'll definitely be watching this.
  15. TopGearJB007

    Series 11 and 12 DVD Sets -- Review

    I noticed that on Disc 3 of Season 12 they spelled "Tesla" as "Telsa." :lol:
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    Cars you'd like to see in series 15?

    Aston Martin One-77 Ariel Atom V8 3G Ford Focus Cadillac CTS- V Coupe Mini Countryman Ferrari 458 Italia Honda CR-Z
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    It's Seriously Time To Get A New SIARPC Car If Wikipedia is correct, which it's probably not, Top Gear Magazine said that the replacement is the Chevrolet Cruze, which makes perfectly good sense.
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    The Stig: Where's STIG

    I love how a children's book says "suck," "bi," and "Man- love" on it! :lol:
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    Concept: MINI 50th Anniversary Coupe Speedster

    I like it. Make this and a pickup based on the Clubman, and then leave the lineup alone after that. We don't need (or want) a 4- door Hornet or an SUV.
  20. TopGearJB007

    Clarkson: Jeremy Clarkson Beat Box

    That was awesome. +1 for posting it.