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  1. Rokovak

    Ownership Verified: My first new car evar! 2016 Caddy ATS

    I actually bought this about 6 months ago, so yea, I'm pretty late in posting this. This fine specimen is the Performance trim with the 2 liter turbo four and all-wheel-drive. I bought it straight off the showroom floor, and driving home I was happier than a pig in mud. I'll tell you what, this...
  2. Rokovak

    Apple Just Patented Your Vacation

    Take that! HA! Has it ever before been possible for something to be awesome and scary simultaneously? If not, well look out!
  3. Rokovak

    A thread for Haiku! You may not make other posts. Let's see what you got!

    Still can't find a job Words cannot express how much I hate this crap town Wal-Mart toy section Screaming kid wants wrestling doll Body slam that punk Alright, your turn. This thread will probably sink to the abyss, I'm betting.
  4. Rokovak

    Anyone care to take a super quick survey?

    I'm doing this for an Industrial Technology class. In a nutshell, I'm participating in a group project and we're starting up a new company that offers this coupon scanner/shredder doohickey that saves time at checkout counters. Help a brudda out mang...
  5. Rokovak

    Just got: 2002 A4 Quattro

    Seeing as how I used to wrench on Audis for a living, I decided it's high time that I got one for myself. I bought this about a week ago and picked it up a few days later. Coming from a '97 Grand Cherokee to this, is one very nice change of pace and it's the bestest car I've owned yet. Even...
  6. Rokovak

    Mommy XXX: who else watches this show?

    This show ain't that bad actually, I thought it was retarded at first but now I'm starting to like it. The theme is a mother of two who isn't that different from your stereotypical Mrs. Milf a few blocks down, this one just happens to get rammed as a means to pay the bills. And at 42 years old...
  7. Rokovak

    Rant: finished with iTunes and iPods

    I've had it with iTunes. Tonight I just lost 10 gigs of music, almost a third of my library. Here's what happened: Tonight I'm browsing my library and clicked on a song. Got that little exclamation point stating that iTunes couldn't find the file. "Hmm whatever" decided to move on to something...
  8. Rokovak

    Luckiest man alive? You betta believe it

    God I hate him. :cry::mad: Mr. Smooth-n-Suave marries Thai twins
  9. Rokovak

    Redneck word of the day:

    I went to the liquor store and bought a case of Schlitz, and I drank it Obama self! :beer:
  10. Rokovak

    Indiana throws a spike in the road: Fiatsler deal on hold!

    "Now hold on just a damn minute here!" says Indiana Treasurer Ricky Murdock. I'm torn in all this. On one hand I don't want to see fellow Hoosiers get hosed out of millions, but on the other hand I want the deal to go through so I can eventually get a damn Mito or Milano! :cry:
  11. Rokovak

    Chevy Cruze has a kickbutt website! China. :) And it's leagues beyond anything site designers here in the US could ever come up with. Some of it is in Engrish, so even a dolt like myself could navigate. Check it.
  12. Rokovak

    How about a 2,500hp, 305mph street car?

    Like Worldcarfans, I'm skeptical myself. Moreover, I also hope I'm wrong! So what's the consensus here? This guy full of it or what? :| Twin Turbo Land Shark ACTUAL TOP SPEED = 305 MPH+ CFD/FEA CATIA V5R19, THEORETICAL PHYSICAL TOP SPEED = 375 MPH+ CFD/WIND TUNNEL WITH IAD AERODYNAMIC...
  13. Rokovak

    Starbucks is slipping! Oh nose!

    Not that I follow these "tests" with any degree of regularity, I just find it peculiar that my hunches about the decline of Starbucks just might be a little more than valid. Consumer Reports
  14. Rokovak

    As an American, I'd like to join the Israeli military.

    And for all the wrong reasons too. Good God..... (click the pic for more good stuff)
  15. Rokovak

    Man chooses cash over Koenigsegg

    HOLD ON! Before anyone calls the man a dumbass for not wanting the car, read up.:D Koenigsegg, or $1 million in cash?
  16. Rokovak

    Santa, can I have a diesel submarine?

    Anyone got $4.9 million in loose change underneath their couch cushion? Fully functional submarine! All options, mostly highway miles but in awesome condition!
  17. Rokovak

    For my fellow Americans

    A Swiss guy, looking for directions, pulls up at a bus stop where two Americans are waiting. "Entschuldigung, koennen Sie Deutsch sprechen?" he asks. The two Americans just stare at him. "Excusez-moi, parlez vous Francais?" he tries. The two continue to stare. "Parlare Italiano?" No response...