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  1. Hartkor

    My "new" Alfa 156

    A few days back I bought my first Alfa Romeo and I really love it. The way it drives is just so awesome. So the car is a 2002 model with the 150hp 2.4 JTD engine and it has done 156000 km. Yes i know it`s a diesel and it`s fail wheel drive but the torque it delivers is just mental and the sound...
  2. Hartkor

    Adria classic 2007 (56k take care)

    This is my first post on this forum so i`d like to thank everybody for this nice community. So there was a classic car meeting in my home town and I took some pictures i`d like to share with you. I have taken them with my cameraphone so they aren`t the best quality but its not that bad. There...