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    Aston Martin to debut Rapide concept at NAIAS
  2. bihus

    ASMA-Design's Mercedes CLS

    eMercedesBenz alerted us to this outrageous vehicle - ASMA Design?s CLS Shark II, an update to their CLS Shark tuning package. Unveiled at the Essen Motor Show this week, this, um, distinctive car is evocative of... something. But what? Our ideas after the jump. Ashley at eMercedesBenz says it...
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    350Z goes Porsche-baiting

    Standard Nissan 350Z not serious enough for you? Well, if you?re looking for a faster, hairier 350Z Nissan may have the answer ? the 450Z. So far the more powerful coupe has not been confirmed for production, but rumours from our sources in Japan suggest that Nissan is seriously considering it...
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    Mercedes S-Crash!

    German media outlet Auto Motor und Sport and Stern TV have posted pictures of a safety system demonstration gone hilariously wrong. I?m sure some of our German-speaking readers will fill in the details, but in this case a picture?s worth a thousand words, as they say. Apparently, the event...
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    I'm sick of that Viper...

    This Viper... 8) And while we're at it, this Porsche needs some company, too. I'm not handy with Photoshop, but I know a lot of you are. Can you guys do something about this? We need some new cars attached to the logo, so Viper can make several pictures rotate. Now, about the cars... I...
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    I'm sick of that Viper...

    I think they're called Steinfisch (stonefish) in German, don't know the right English expression but I am sure that you only can eat it once :mrgreen:
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    Homer Simpson Makes Men of the Decade list

    From Homer Simpson to Bob Geldof, 10 famous males have been named the Men of the Decade. TV chef Jamie Oliver, England manager Sven Goran Eriksson and cyclist Lance Armstrong are included on the list, as are writer Ian McEwan and Blur singer Damon Albarn. The Top 10 was compiled by a panel of...
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    First picture: Maserati Coupe-Cabriolet for 2008

    Auto Motor und Sport has this picture of either a non-camouflaged Maserati Coupe-Cabriolet or at least a good photoshop effort. The Pininfarina-designed hardtop-convertible is based on the Alfa 166 platform. The Maserati CC will roll out in 2008 for around $96,000. The CC will have all-wheel...
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    Mercedes GL official pic pops up

    Autoblog reader Kevin A. was gracious enough to point us to a Google-translated Auto Motor und Sport page that?s showing off a pic of the new Mercedes GL extra-large SUV that will debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January. The rear shot is a flattering angle for the three-row GL, which doesn?t...
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    For the bug freaks.
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    Audi A8 with speed holes. Not for the faint of heart

    Received it by email, don't know more details.
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    Audi Shooting Brake Concept

    Compact and powerfully athletic: Audi Shooting Brake Concept Audi has issued the following press release: Audi is unveiling a new highlight in the sporty compact segment at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show: the Shooting Brake Concept is a study vehicle offering a further trailblazing interpretation...
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    Autocar - AMV8 (vs 997 C2S)

    It was taken with my camera, sorry if the quality isn't the best.
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    There are some stupid people in this world...

    Click here. 2.94MB video It's amazing how some people give their opinion without knowing jackshit of it. :wall:
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    Is Alonso on something funny? If it wasn't for all those mechanical failures, Kimi would be champion. Probably even sooner than Alonso. Briatore said he feels the same vibes from him that he felt with Schumacher, and in this bullshiting I have to agree...
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    Your dream car - BMW

    Link But if not even they can tell a M Roadster from a M Coupe... :mrgreen:
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    Porsche unveils RS Spyder for American Le Mans Series finale

    Porsche revealed today the racing livery for the new LMP2 Spyder, which will premiere at Laguna Seca, California, for the final round of the ALMS championship on October 15. The main sponsor for the car will be DHL Smart & Global Mail, which also sponsors a car in the Champ Car World Series...
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    Car manufacturers stand firm The five major car manufacturers involved in F1 (BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, Renault, Toyota) and seven teams (BAR, McLaren, Minardi, Renault, Sauber, Toyota, Williams) met todya in Germany where they entered into a binding agreement to race...
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    Fanless graphics card

    ASUS Extreme N6600GT Silencer/HTD?A Fanless Graphics Card