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  1. samulis

    Ownership Verified: Numero 26, Vespa!

    Hi I have a Vespa! So happy! Friend of mine bought smallframe Vespa 90 last summer for next to nothing. After devilish test drive (yes one of those scary ones where you give your soul to xxx and see if you come back with it or having lost it) I fell in love and have not wanted others own like...
  2. samulis

    Ownership Verified: Berlingo is dead, long live Berlingo!

    Our new family wagon. Mother in law's summer place is good 5-6h away from Helsinki in Joensuu (used to be 3-4h, but camera's and kid's make life slower), few kilometers from the track where FG winter trashing, drifting and banging has happened few times. Two kid's, a dog, a cat, few chicken's...
  3. samulis

    Your list of old, EX cars

    Didn't find a topic about it (yep search'd almost for whole 10s) so it is time to have one. List all the cars you've owned. No matter if it was only a day as long you had your name on paper. And if it was when you were young and driving on fields, they count too, because driving as a kid is...