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  1. ryosuke

    Autobahn Tourist Tax

    most germans are against this toll because if you follow the lawmaking process of this on the news daily it becomes obvious that the whole thing is so badly thought trough and is only pushed through by the CSU which is a xenophobic bavarian only minority party. the whole idea behind this toll...
  2. ryosuke

    No 56k: Grand Theft Auto IV

    the physics themselves are actually awesome and in fact better than in many arcade racing games. its just the car's setups that are bad, especially with the ridiculous body roll. i'd suggest to get one of those realistic handling mods like this...
  3. ryosuke

    Planning trip to Germany - Advice needed

    1) that depends a lot on how much you will enjoy them, but the mercedes museum is fairly large while the porsche museum is a little smaller and i haven't been to the bmw and audi one, although audi's looks rather small as well. i guess somewhere between 2-5 hours depending on the size and how...
  4. ryosuke


    the different coupler systems used in the us and europe means that such long trains are not really possible here. trains are limited to around 4000 tons with the regular couplers. besides that, the topography makes a difference as you have noted. in europe you have lots of small stations close...
  5. ryosuke


    over here remote control is very widespread in road switching. in the railyards you often get help by additional shunting workers, because remote controlled operation means you spend a lot of time walking up and down your train, during which you block the track for other shunting movements or...
  6. ryosuke


    these are some strict rules! shunting without the brake line connected is still widely practiced here, there are even rules governing how many axles you may move in this fashion depending on the locomotive used. of course nobody can memorize those so its more done according to rule of thumb...
  7. ryosuke


    no it wasn' actually made me furious. there was a perfectly good reason why the real train originally ran away, it was mildly technical but could have been summed up in two sentences or so. but then they go ahead and make the locomotive's throttle lever move by itself, as if that was in...
  8. ryosuke


    we're talking about computers like these: ;) although even that kind of signalling is pretty much failsafe already, as long as the people operating it are doing their job properly. most noteworthy crashes lately happened because of very serious negligence by either the signalmen or the...
  9. ryosuke

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    that i3 is pondering about its maneuvers like an old lady.
  10. ryosuke

    Overheard in the office

    space manager? sounds just like our supervisors or team leaders or whatever you call them. and they're often ernough not even good for properly colouring their boxes. two weeks ago they gave us some new rulesets...which were already in effect since december '13... sentence i overhear the most...
  11. ryosuke

    Idiots + cars = LOL

    doesn't look idiotic at all to me. :D
  12. ryosuke

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    500 us dollars? crazy! i'm afraid i'll get one point on the highscore list and 80-120 euros in the mail soon. thats for 30-40 kph over on the autobahn. guess the revenue is actually higher if the fines are lower, because at some point people will actually be bothered ernough to stay under the...
  13. ryosuke


    also depends a lot on the trackwork and speed. cologne-frankfurt has some ridiculous dips where the trains always crash onto their bump stops at near 300 kph. i've once traveled along that line at only 200 kph because of some technical dysfunction and it was the most comfortable ride ever.
  14. ryosuke

    Gran Turismo 6

    awesome...if they ever get it done that is... they should bring this to gt6 to make up for delaying so many promised features for so long, otherwise i'll have to buy a ps4 just for gt7. :(
  15. ryosuke

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    they surely spend a lot of time to make the smart safe in case of an accident with another car. i guess its safer than an old wagon or suv in such a case.
  16. ryosuke

    DMCA Notice

    i believe that without this very site there would not even be such a huge following of top gear worldwide. its sad that these people still don't understand how stuff works these days.
  17. ryosuke

    The cute thread

    he definately has the looks of an old grumpy sailor. :D
  18. ryosuke

    Unveiled: 2014 Opel Corsa

    naughty little car!:rolleyes:
  19. ryosuke

    Wheels for my PS3

    definately get one with 900? of rotation and force feedback, that will make GT6 so much more fun.
  20. ryosuke

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    my heartrate was as high as his just from watching...crazy!:?