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  1. Scooby5

    Donington Park

    I know its a little early but has anybody got background into what changes will be happening at Donington for the F1? There's a hell of a lot of work to do obviously but it would be a pity to make too many changes to the circuit. The back straight, Melbourne Loop and the Esses all could do with...
  2. Scooby5

    Congress move may force Pentagon tanker rethink

    Now, unfortunately for Europe we'd been buying Lightnings, F-16's, Phantoms, Chinooks, Hercules Transporters, Tristars and Appache helicopters all from the US in more recent times and stuff like Douglas Dakota's, DC-2's, Flying Fortress' and many other such stuff in times before. Now with a...
  3. Scooby5

    Motherhood 'affects women's pay'

    I highlighted the bit that gets me most....., from the BBC Do the time, do the work or quit complaining. Women do have the choice to return to work, work long hours, have children, let hubby stay at home or emply a nanny. And this was said by a woman MP, proof that the possibilities are there...