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  1. oldschoolvolvo

    The 2007 Gatebil Taxi...

    drifting xc90...should be a hoot
  2. oldschoolvolvo

    Tips about shifting

    yea exactly
  3. oldschoolvolvo

    Tips about shifting

    i can understand double-clutching when downshifting (for the rev-matching part, however you don't have to double clutch in order to rev-match), but upshifting? i don't think that would serve much purpose or be practical...but hey, just my opinion.
  4. oldschoolvolvo

    My Volvo 244 Turbo Project

    ha i think thats funny that you guys like the us-spec corners, but i guess you think the same thing about us americans liking the euro-spec stuff
  5. oldschoolvolvo

    The tons of Swedish magnificence

    nice Volv
  6. oldschoolvolvo

    Your favourite country of origin for cars?

    i voted for scandanavia...but germany makes some good stuff
  7. oldschoolvolvo

    PORN! caution: don't enter without high-speed internet

    i don't know if i'd want to drive it but it is a cool-looking car nonetheless
  8. oldschoolvolvo

    Audi RS6 Crash, lucky driver

    o ok...i guess i was referring to the old ones (240/740), i should have clarified but yea anyway, about that audi
  9. oldschoolvolvo

    Audi RS6 Crash, lucky driver

    who's comparing?? i'm just saying volvos are tanks and do a great job of protecting their occupants upon impact...and jeez, way to stereotype Volvo drivers
  10. oldschoolvolvo

    Audi RS6 Crash, lucky driver

    The Volvo was going 60 and the truck coming at it was probably going 60 so it was really like it hit something going 120, which is a little different story...but in regards to Volvos being tanks...yes they are and there are many ppl who have walked/driven away from accidents b/c of their Volvo
  11. oldschoolvolvo

    What car did you learn to drive in?

    basically the same as you Loomy...1993 Volvo 240 wagon
  12. oldschoolvolvo

    Your dream car and your "attainable" dream car

    hmm this is a tough call... Dream car: Porsche 911 turbo/Ferrari F355 Attainable Dream car: BMW M3 (E36)
  13. oldschoolvolvo

    Your first memory of cars

    my dad's 1972 VW Super Beetle ftw...ha
  14. oldschoolvolvo

    Audi RS6 Crash, lucky driver

    wow that audi is pretty redic wanna bet?
  15. oldschoolvolvo

    SAAB 9-5 Vector in front of a hangar

    ha...that's pretty cool