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  1. TopGearJB007

    What do you think of Schumacher?

    Michael Schumacher, as we all know, hasn't been up to par so far this season except for Spain where I think he did well. I think Spain was only the beginning for him this season. He won't be 8- time champion, but I think he may be able to pull off a few wins. What do you think of Schumacher...
  2. TopGearJB007

    McLaren boss says Top Gear race fixed He's just mad cause his car lost! :P EDIT: Sorry. Just saw the other post about this. Here come the neg reps and infractions all for an honest mistake.
  3. TopGearJB007

    Another Top Gear Reboot?

    We all know that in 2002, the series from 1977, Top Gear, was restarted in a new one-hour studio audience form. What would you guys and girls want if the dreadful day-- in which Jezza, Slow, and Hamster quit-- ever came? I nominate Edd China. He can be seen in the first series of Top Gear in...
  4. TopGearJB007

    Question about BBCA

    How long does it take for a new episode of Top Gear in England to premiere in the U.S. on BBC America? So when will Season 13 premiere on BBC America? Thanks!
  5. TopGearJB007

    Canned. Now what?

    Jeremy Clarkson has stated back in February or whatever that Top Gear America has been canned, which makes me think, now what? Where the hell is the pilot? Why can't NBC just show it already and let us decide if we want it or not? There have been pictures of Cheap Car Challenges, supposed show...
  6. TopGearJB007

    Favorite Modern Top Gear presenter

    I don't know who I will vote for either! TopGearJB007