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  1. Initial_B

    Tanner Foust turns the big 3-0 (actually 39)

    Tiny Dancer turns 30 today. Which is a surprise to me since I thought he was a bit older than he is.
  2. Initial_B

    Rutledge as Driver in Toyota's Pro/Celebrity Race

    the official list by Toyota Racing i always wanted to go to watch the Pro/Celebrity race in Long Beach, and now, i have one more good reason to go.
  3. Initial_B

    Tanner Foust Live Chat (10/21/11)

    i'm surprised no one mentioned this earlier. Tanner announced on his Facebook that he'll be taking questions on a live web cast which aired on 10/21. this is a link to the rebroadcast: the video is over an hour long so you might want to skip ahead if you...
  4. Initial_B

    AE86 Frozen in Time...

    a Euro-Spec AE86 Toyota Corolla GT with only 48 original kilometers. the original owner bought the car new 25 years ago, drove it home from the dealership, and entombed it in his basement to never see the light of day again...
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    Movie Quiz

    MOVIE QUIZ (Be honest and don't look at the movie list below until you have done the math!) Try this test and find out what movie is your favorite. This amazing math quiz can likely predict which of 18 movies you would enjoy the most. It really works..... for MOST of us anyway! Movie...
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    A Random Corolla...

    well, here it is ladies and gentlemen of Final Gear. my 2006 Toyota Corolla Xrs. some of you guys have already questioned my decision on why i think this car is so special to me. and since it looks like every other Corolla in North America, and perhaps, most of the world, it's no surprise that...
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    R.I.P Lt. Frank Drebin

    Naked Gun's Leslie Nielsen dies at age 84 from complications of pneumonia. Surely, he will be missed. :cry:
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    History's Top Gear Forum.

    just before i joined this forum, i've joined History's message board to see how people's reception was to the premier of Top Gear. it would seem that a "majority" of viewers hated the show, but after reading a few threads and comments, it's more of that...