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  1. Sofia Alexandra

    Cars you'd like to see in Series 18

    0-200 mph - 17.68 sec 0-300 km/h - 14.53 sec 200-0 mph - 7.28 sec 300-0 km/h - 6.66 sec 0-200-0 mph - 24.96 sec 0-300-0 km/h - 21.19 sec Because insanity.
  2. Sofia Alexandra

    Guests you'd like to see in Series 18

    In no particular order and with no observance of practicality: J.K. Rowling Neil Gaiman Sharlto Copley Benedict Cumberbatch Hermione Norris Prince Carl Philip of Sweden Peter Jackson Tina Th?rner Adam Savage Jamie Hyneman Martin Freeman Noel Fielding Julian Barratt Christian Bale John...
  3. Sofia Alexandra

    Guests you'd like to see in Series 17

    I was watching episode 3 of Sherlock last night, with commentary by Mark Gatiss, Martin Freeman, and Benedict Cumberbatch. At one point, when admiring the Mazda RX-8 that was in the episode, they started talking about how it was pretty much only a matter of time before any of them went on Top...
  4. Sofia Alexandra

    A few sightings for S17 (probably)

    A little bird just twittered about TG currently filming in Kent...
  5. Sofia Alexandra

    Guests you'd like to see in Series 17

    *smacks self* I didn't think of Cumberbatch and Freeman until after I'd posted my wish list. They definitely need to be the SIARPCs some day, either together or one by one.
  6. Sofia Alexandra

    Guests you'd like to see in Series 17

    Neil Gaiman, Sir David Attenborough, Jason Statham, Adam Savage, Noel Fielding... A girl can dream.
  7. Sofia Alexandra

    Top Gear in Norway. Again.

    I went to Top Gear Live in Oslo last weekend, and at one point Jeremy mentioned that James had been in Norway for some filming the week before. No details were mentioned, and my admittedly failtastic google-fu produces no hints of what he's been up to, but perhaps someone here knows more? And I...
  8. Sofia Alexandra

    The next epic race, where would like them to go?

    Moscow to Vladivostok, the Trans-Siberian Railway versus a car - which is the best way to experience the biggest country - in the world?
  9. Sofia Alexandra

    The next epic race, where would like them to go?

    Premise: Just how (un)reliable are French cars bought for ?1500? Starting point: Paris. The challenge: Drive to Dakar. ETA: And I just remembered I've already suggested a Paris - Dakar thing once. *facepalm* But at least this time is comes with a proper(?) premise!
  10. Sofia Alexandra

    Worldwide car factories in Google Earth

    It's a former military airbase known as F10, and it's - as far as I can tell - rather similar to Dunsfold. :) The cars are built in a some old hangars. This is their test track, with the factory somewhere on the right side of the compound.
  11. Sofia Alexandra

    Top Gear Fan Fiction

    ...Seriously guys, you ain't seen NOTHING! :wicked:
  12. Sofia Alexandra

    Guests you'd like to see in series 16

    Oooh, Jason Statham! :drool: Yes please. And Hugh Laurie. And Hugh Jackman. Vin Diesel can come too, if he promises to keep his shirt off. :P
  13. Sofia Alexandra

    Guests you'd like to see in series 16

    In no particular order: Neil Gaiman, Adam Savage and/or Jamie Hyneman, Noel Fielding and/or Julian Barratt, Christian Bale, Lady Gaga, Kimi R?ikk?nen, Johnny Depp, Billy Boyd, Mika H?kkinen, Monty Don, Kenny Br?ck, Tina Th?rner. Plus I'd quite like to see Kevin McCloud and Stephen Fry again. :)
  14. Sofia Alexandra

    Top Gear Live 2010/11

    Oslo! Gotta go to Oslo, it's only a bus ride away from where I live! :D
  15. Sofia Alexandra

    Which of the three drivers is the better driver ?

    We've seen May driving at speed, in various supercars on various mountain roads, plus he's been tutored by Sir Jackie Stewart and Mika H?kkinen. I'm not sure if the Veyron runs count since that was more a matter of just "giving it the beans". Anyway, he might not be able to pull off a...
  16. Sofia Alexandra

    James May: The weekly Telegraph column by James thread

    IDK, Koenigsegg might just have some impact on the future of personal transport propulsion. They did the solar-powered Quant concept long before Porsche and Ferrari introduced their hybrids, and now they're working on something called a pneubrid, which I don't understand but think sounds quite...
  17. Sofia Alexandra

    Formula SAE (student formula)

    I've just joined the FSAE team Clear River Racing at Karlstad University, Sweden. I've never done anything that has anything to do with engines, mechanics, or engineering*, but the team seems really nice and welcoming, and I've been told I'll learn all about that as I go along, so yeah. I've a...