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    Pictures: 2017 Finalgear Medium Roadtrip - The french connection

    Part 1 My part of the Roadtrip started at Friday August 4th at my holiday place in Locarno. From there it was all Italian Autostrada through Milan, then Turin, and from there towards France. - Man, the Italians are still the kings of the middle lane moron game. Then and there I set a new...
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    Pictures: Alpine Meet 2017

    Meet thread is here in case you have no idea what these pics are about. ;) I have to confess I drifted away from FG some time in last November and never came back. Other interests and so on. But last Thursday I found the word "Finalgear" in my calender. Oh hello, let's have a look into the...
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    Pictures: Finalgear Mini-Roadtrip, Dolomites, Italy, Aug 7-11 2016

    Meet thread is here, in case you have no idea what these pics are about. ;) Anyway, on to the pictures: Sunday, August 7th 2016 (Day 1/4) Off I went on a (relative) short 4h drive from Switzerland to Italy. To my advance I had this left-lane clearing-machine infront of me for some time...
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    Pictures: Alpine Meet 2016, Dolomites, Italy

    Meet thread is here. We were three people last year. This year we were a group of four. - So it's clear what we do expect for 2017. ;) Anyway, on to some pictures: I started at Friday afternoon from my workplace. And with a sudden rattling noise on the Audi I couldn't locate, but went on my...
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    Ownership Verified: Die Barge von Barking: 2000 Audi S6, or: Can't hear you, my exhausts are so loud!

    Well, all this happend very sudden: Until a few days ago my plan was to happily drive the Audi 4.2 A6 into the ground until the gearbox/transmission would go out with a big bang or until the MFK (swiss version of MOT) would run out in early 2017. But to be ready for that moment I already went on...
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    Photo-report: Concour d'eleganza 2015, Villa d'Este, Cernobbio, Italy

    Part 1/2 A short hop over the alps... ...down to Lake Como... ...and into the crowd. Quite a mass of people made it actually hard to take pics of the cars... But anyway, just some awesome stuff... ...from the silly... ...over to the hilarous... ...back to the dignified. BMW is...
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    Pictures: Alpine Meet 2015

    Meet thread here. - Note: DaBoom and MXM have already been on the Austrian slopes during Friday, I joined them a day later: Saturday, February 28th 2015 (Day 1/3) In the morning, on my way to the meeting-up point in St. Christoph am Arlberg: Arrived. (Note random BMW i8) Meet the Finns...
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    Photo test

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    Ownership Verified: Die Barge von Wafting - 2003 Audi A6 4.2 V8

    Since the Renault Laguna went on a downward-spiral during last years Finalgear Roadtrip it was overdue I went for a replacement. - But hey, as long as the car was still soldering on I wasn't really rushed. - My main replacement candidate since about a year was a 4.0 VW Passat W8. A somewhat lazy...
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    Pre-Ringmeet Roadtrip 2014 - Pictures and Videos dump thread

    Here we go... Saturday 02. August 2014 (Day 1) The Laguna. Trouble-free cheap motoring. - So far. ;) The way from my homeplace at the Swiss shore of Lake Constanze to my meeting-up point in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, was about 1500km. Since I don't like to be stressed for time during such a long...
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    All of a sudden: Got the shakes to purchase a VW Passat W8

    As I do about once a month, I was aimlessly browsing Autoscout today to look what sort of cheap used wafter I should buy when I throw away my current banger in about a year... My usual criterias: - Must load two bicycles with ease, so no stupid saloon shape - Can have 3 or 5 doors, don't care...
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    Finally, after six years I'm bored with Age of Empires III. - What's next?

    I played and played, I had tons of fun, but it's getting old, and there is no AoE4 in sight. Are there any (newer/better/current) strategy games out there?
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    Ownership Verified: Le barge du wafting - Renault Laguna V6 banger

    One week ago, with my old car already inside the ball-bearing gates, it was once more the time to do some autoscout surf for a possible replacement. And once more I had to avert the temptation to do something really stupid like buying a cheapo Maserati Biturbo, a sky high milage Ferrari Mondial...
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    2012 barn find: 1935 Standard Ten

    If somebody gave this to you for free: Would you say no? Yep, tought so. You say "Yes, of course", even if you have initially no idea what to do with it, or where to actually place it. And that's what we just did. "We" are a large second hand store , also moving households or doing complete...
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    Image size change - wont' work

    Yesterday FinalGear was off, and since it's now back again I have the following problem: I want every picture up until 1600 pixels width to show in full size. I had this setting which worked fine until now: Regardless, all pictures are still shown resized to about 800 pixels wide...
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    Abandoned main road

    A very unusual sight in Switzerland. This road through the steep Rongellen gorge is called "Das verlorene Loch" (the lost hole). This part of the treck over the alps was used as early as 1500 BC. Later it was used by the Romans as a trade path. Enlarged to a road in 1821, rebuilt to a main...
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    Road Rage Picture Story

    Videocaps from my dashcam, 1pic/sec. 22.10.2007, Autobahn near Z?rich, Switzerland A VW Phaeton in front of me. Nice. :) The fast lane merges in to the two others. And here the drama begins: The Phaeton goes right, but without any indicators... and a little VW Lupo (or Polo?) in his blind...
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    LFS noob has problems. And so LFS noob has questions.

    The noob is me. LFS is running fine. But There is no connection to the master server or server list possible. My internet connection is working. Windows Firewall is off. Simple advice? For the lonely noob who wants to race with others? Thanks.